Spaghetti and Fish Fry Dinner

May 7 Spaghetti and Fish Fry Dinner Church of the Resurrection, 3004 Belvedere Blvd. Noon-6 p.m., $10 402.455.7015, If you’re a fish-fry fan, soul food connoisseur or urban adventurer, there’s a feast with your name on it at a blended North O church. Deep fried whole catfish served alongside spaghetti topped by red meat sauce may sound strange to the uninitiated, but it’s plain heaven to the enlightened. Besides, that’s just how the folks at Church of the Resurrection roll. Sure, the catfish-spaghetti combo’s an African American thing, but at this diverse place it’s an anyone-who-loves-comfort-food thing. All are welcome at this laid-back fundraiser. Add cornbread, coleslaw and desserts, and you’re in for some finger-lickin’ bliss. Hallelujah, praise the Lord, and pass the salt. Whether you dine in or take out, you’ll feel justified and satisfied.

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