Stefon Harris and The Blackout

April 14 Stefon Harris and The Blackout Holland Center for Performing Arts, 13th and Douglas streets 7:30 p.m., $19 – $45,, 402.345.0606 Quick. Name a jazz vibraphonist. Can you? Well, can you? As of five-minutes-before-writing-this, I couldn’t either, so don’t worry. But as it turns out, they’re out there, and very talented. Stefon Harris is a former Blue Note recording artist who’s toured the world with his vibraphone-led jazz group, the Blackout. Classically trained at the Manhattan School of Music, Harris has also done time as an artist in residence at the Lied Center in Lincoln (among other places.) Now he’s coming back to Nebraska to the Holland, where the L.A. Times-named “most important young artists in jazz” will play to faces both familiar and new.

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