‘Stories: Mine, Theirs, Ours.’

Artist Culver riffs on ‘picture within a frame’ ideal in exhibit at Moderns Arts Midtown

Painter, dedicated arts advocate, and business owner Robert H. (Bob) Culver will present his richly detailed, iconographic paintings and portraits at Modern Arts Midtown opening October 6th, with Stories: Mine, Theirs, Ours.

Culver’s style is one of marrying graphic, commercial advertising-like illustration and symbolism with an editorial flair and an adventurous, and sometimes humorous revamping of the “picture within a frame” ideal.

Much of his work is an excursion into relief and depth, bringing his detailed and realistic imagery out of the confines of edges and frames into the room for a three dimensional effect.

Some of his richly-detailed portraits and narrative paintings are interactive works called automata, wherein the viewer is invited to work for their enjoyment by turning a hand crank or moving a lever. Much of the new work is the culmination of two years of extensive studio work, and includes newer portraits of local arts community leaders.

Culver has served on many boards and won much recognition in both the business and arts community. He serves on the board for the Bemis Center and is the President-elect of the Board or Directors of the Museum of Nebraska Art.

Join Bob Culver and Modern Arts Midtown for an artist’s reception on Friday, October 6th, at 6 p.m. Modern Arts Midtown is located at 3615 Dodge. Further information is available by phone 402-502-8737, or through the gallery website modernartsmidtown,com, or the artists websites nebraskakid.tumblr.com, or culver.com.

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