The British Are Coming!

Joslyn Art Museum features ‘The Berger Collection’ of British art (1400-2000)

Feeling especially Anglophilic after Britain’s recent royal wedding hoopla? You could put on the BBC, put on some tea, or put on the Beatles, but your best bet is to put on your walking shoes and pop on over to Joslyn Art Museum.

Opening June 2 is Treasures of British Art 1400-2000: The Berger Collection, a traveling exhibition organized by the Denver Art Museum, which is the repository of this collection.

The fifty paintings in this show cover a broad spectrum of artistic development, as you might anticipate from the 600 years that it spans. It contains a diverse selection of religious, landscape, portrait and history paintings, plus the genre no good British show is complete without: sporting art.

Featured artists include John Constable, Thomas Gainsborough, Thomas Lawrence, and George Stubbs, as well as examples by the many foreign expats who revolutionized British art, including Angelica Kauffman, Anthony Van Dyck, Benjamin West and John Singer Sargent.

Treasures of British Art 1400-2000: The Berger Collectionruns from June 2 through Sept 9, at Joslyn Art Museum. There is an admission fee for this show. The museum is located at 2200 Dodge Street and is open Tues-Sun from 10am-4pm; late ‘til 8pm on Thurs. For more information, visit www.joslyn.orgor call 402/342-3300.

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