Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, The Chieftains are a six-time Grammy Award-winning Celtic band that has been playing together for the past 50 years. Founded by Paddy Moloney, Sean Potts and Michael Tubridy, The Chieftains line up has changed considerably over the years, losing and gaining members quite often. However, the band’s traditional Irish folk instrumentals remained at the core and helped popularize that particular style of music in the United States. The Chieftains have released an incredible number of albums, 44 in total, culminating with 2012’s Voice of Ages. Known for collaborations with everyone from Luciano Pavarotti and Sinead O’Connor to Madonna and Roger Daltrey from The Who, Voice of Ages proved to be no different. This time, indie rock artists such as Bon Iver, The Decemberists and Low Anthem provide their takes on Irish music. Currently hitting the road for a 28-date national tour, The Chieftains are the perfect excuse to usher in St. Patrick’s Day a little earlier this year. –Kyle Eustice

The Chieftains, February 19, at Holland Center, 1200 Douglas St., 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $25. Visit www.omahaperformingarts.org for more information.

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