The Supersuckers

The Supersuckers have been around for a minute. Anyone who is old enough to remember their 1992 show with Mudhoney at The Ranch Bowl remembers a group full of unbridled aggression that translated quite well to the stage.  Originally from Tucson, Arizona, they produced their best work after relocating to Seattle in 1989, the future “rock mecca” of the United States. After parting ways with their lead singer, bassist Eddie Spaghetti took control of the vocals and The Supersuckers carried on as a four-piece. Their rowdy live shows caught the attention of Sub Pop Records and they were quickly signed to the label. In 1999, they released How The Supersuckers Became The Best Rock and Roll Band In The World and it seemed their legacy was permanently sealed, but instead of forging ahead with their career, they disappeared and only recently started to resurface.  Currently back on tour, they are ready to prove how they are “the best rock and roll band in the world.” –Kyle Eustice

The Supersuckers with Spittin’ Cobras, February 7, at The Waiting Room, 6212 Maple St.. 9 p.m. Tickets are $15. Visit for more information.

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