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Revisiting gains and loss of Omaha’s Metro Arts



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Supporting artists as artists

This was a great read and timely and certainly provides a perspective of options for public money that supports arts, artists and institutions in our city. Selecting these models per city and state need to be tried and tested and require deep evaluation. Valuing artists work, as artists, and making an investment directly to them with no educational-community engagement is also crucial to understand how the artist contributes to our community already.

Lizmaugans more than 2 years ago

Nebraska Arts Council

As the author of the article, I would like to clarify in response to feedback I've received that the purpose of the article is only to highlight that there are there are many different ways to think about supporting the arts--and that the communities in Omaha and Nebraska have chosen some of those ways and not others. The article is not in the least intended to be an indictment of the Nebraska Arts Council, which supports not only large cultural organizations, but also funds an enormous amount of cultural education as well as small and grass roots organizations (which often tend to be quite artist-centric). It is certainly possible to imagine more direct funding for artists than currently exists in the Omaha area, but (as I hope was clear) that should not be taken to denigrate the good work that NAC does in any way.

Adam Price more than 2 years ago