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Jones, Jochim and Pluhacek explore nostalgia, iconography and legacy at Michael Phipps Gallery

A trio of artists offers a diverse take on still life and portraiture at the Michael Phipps Gallery at Omaha Public Library. Alex Jochim, Sarah Jones & Kristin Pluhacek bring their respective mediums together for an exhibition that mingles nostalgia, iconography and legacy.

Jochim’s photographs document his travels both in his neighborhood and around the world. His choice of subject and result is happenstance with little attention to composition. His work feels like a photo album you browse through at a relative’s home—a warm, colorful story with charming characters.

Jones channels the familiar through a more experiential process. Her installations let viewers imagine an abstract connection to culture amidst light, color, form and materials.

Pluhacek honors her fellow artists with her expressionistic portraits. The paintings are the result of several stages of photos, charcoal and meaningful conversation. The result is a reverent collection that anchors strong subjects in a graceful atmosphere of color and texture.

Though each artist works in different mediums, each uses their particular style to evoke a connection linked through shared experience and personal reactions to the medium and its components.

Alex Jochim, Sarah Jones and Kristin Pluhacek will open at Michael Phipps Gallery, 215 S. 15th Street, with a reception from 4-6pm on Friday, September 1 and will run through October 29. For more information, visit

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