January 26

Understanding Creativity Series with Shelley Carson

KANEKO Bow Truss, 1111 Jones St.

7p.m., General Admission $15, Students $5

Workshop Jan. 27, 9a.m.-noon, $250

Thekaneko.org, 341.3800

“Quit censoring your creative brain!” coaches Shelley Carson, PhD, a nationally recognized expert in creativity research. This Thursday at KANEKO, she will discuss how to discover paths to greater creative capacity using her seven steps to CREATES (Connect, Reason, Envision, Absorb, Transform, Evaluate and Stream). Carson has been conducting research on creativity at Harvard University where she teaches.  “My goal in conducting research on creativity and brain functions is to discover ways that everyone – even those who do not consider themselves to be creative – can access the creative abilities that are their birthright, and use them to enrich both their own lives and to benefit society.” “We have sought out national experts on creativity because we want Omaha to have access to this invaluable information.  We want to be the source for the latest and greatest in creative insights,” said Hal France, director of KANEKO, of Carson’s visit.

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