Valentines Day Farewell

'Vale', a new Guthrie solo at Fred Simon Gallery a tribute to his late wife, Beth, in portraiture and more.

Portrait of Beth. Pencil and paper by Tim Guthrie

Multimedia artist Tim Guthrie will share a moving Valentine’s Day tribute to his late wife, Beth, when his new solo exhibit, ‘Vale’,  opens Feb. 14 at the Fred Simon Gallery. Best known for his new media exhibits (Nuclear Dichotomies, Extraordinary Rendition, The Museum of Alternative History), Guthrie has returned to pencil and paper to create a series of personal portraits of Beth who passed in 2015 from Parkinson’s disease.

“There’s a reason to return to it,” Guthrie said in an email. “I wanted to use intimate media and do delicate drawings if I was going to recall our first years together. It only made sense. When I first started dating Beth, I was painting and drawing. I did many portraits of her back then.”

“There will be maybe a half dozen small drawings, and perhaps one large painting,” Guthrie added. “I may not be able to resist a little new media, a short video — the flower from the film (the artist’s loving tribute to Beth, “Missing Piece”) as well as possibly some quiet audio.”

This exhibit, which continues through April 9, also marks Guthrie’s return to true solo shows as he left the artwork intentionally to care for his wife during her long illness. He refers to the new body of work as his “farewell to her.”

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