Variety Show

Summer Exhibition at Modern Arts Midtown features something for everyone

Troy Muller, “The Guilty Mind,” 45 x 41 x 8 in.

If variety is the spice of life, then summer in the art world is the most flavorful season of all, when galleries feature their market basket of represented artists. Modern Arts Midtown continues this warm weather ritual of the mega group show with its Summer Exhibition,featuring nineteen artists from its stable.

The show, which opened July 5 and continues through August 28, offers the work of Jamie Burmeister, Tom Rierden, James Freeman, Laura Northern, Bob Culver, Troy Muller, Iggy Sumnik, Colin Smith, Larry Roots, Sora Kimberlain, Roberto Kusterle, Theresa Pfarr, Brian Gennardo, Fulvio DePellegrin, Charles Novich, John Spence, David Lovekin, Justin Meyers, and Stuart Wheat.

James Freeman, “The Critic,” 69 x 84 in.

With so many artists to choose from, there is no one over-arching theme to discern, and the pleasures of compare and contrast belong solely to the viewer. Enjoy while it’s in season.

Summer Exhibition is open at Modern Arts Midtown, 3615 Dodge Street, and runs through August 28. A mid-show reception will be held on Friday, August 2 from 6-8pm. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 11am to 6pm. For further information, contact 402/502-8737 or visit




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