What’s a Cthulhu?

*Fans of horror, monsters and strange illustrations take note: artist Michael Bukowski is illustrating every monster mentioned in the works of horror master H.P. Lovecraft on his blog, yog-blogsoth.blogspot.com. Each illustration is paired with a passage that references the creature. If you’ve wondered what a Headless Moon Calf, Elder Thing or an Urhag looks like, consider your questions answered. Yes, Cthulhu is there. No, he doesn’t look like George W. Bush. Found via galleycat.com. *Shots of people doing very cool things with old books have been circulating for a while now on the web. Books have been made into bookshelves, chairs and even a counter in a library. While it’s doubtful that a) you’d have enough books or b) have the need for a counter made of books, designer Lisa Occhipinti’s new book, The Repurposed Library, has 33 ideas for ways you can repurpose that old copy of Atlas Shrugged you never got around to reading. Armed with a craft knife, some glue, clamps and patience, Occhipinti shows you how to make a journal, birdhouse and Kindle cover, among other things you can probably crank out in an afternoon.

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