Willy Nelson and Family

March 11 Willie Nelson and Family Orpheum Theater, 409 S. 16th St. 8 p.m., $45-$75 ticketomaha.com, 345.0606 Here comes America’s favorite singer-songwriter/outlaw/activist/icon/author/actor. Is there anything Willie can’t do? He even held his place on the “artistic roll call” after complicity in a wretched 1991 Taco Bell commercial. (See Bill Hicks’ “Save Willie” from Rant in E Minor.) He’s also done scads of collaborations with everyone from Bob Dylan to Ben Harper to Al Green to Kid Rock and beyond, because really, who wouldn’t want to share a song (and likely a smoke) with Willie? Our fair red-headed stranger may have gone grey, but his live show still packs a wallop. Expect as much as energy as ever, that same angel voice and his trademark, beaming, bazillion watt smile. Tickets are available at 345.0606 or ticketomaha.com.

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