Can You Handle Corona Truth?

by Michael Braunstein

Well, okay, I’ll be, uh, truthful. My dad always used to say, “Son, if you come across a man on the road and he says he’s searching for truth, feel free to follow him along. But if you meet a man who says he’s found the truth, turn around and run like hell!”

Those are, uh, truly words to live by. The reason is simple. We live in a universe of perception, not truth. There is no such thing as truth in such a universe, only perception. Truth is. It needs no finding or qualifying. It exists and is immutable. Truth is true. That’s all there is to it. And finding something, anything, that fits that is impossible in this universe of perception.

But one can argue that there are observable data in our world of perception. And as long as one recognizes that data are mutable and fluctuate, it serves to use that data to help derive correct perception, discernment and right action. Not everyone chooses to rightly use data and the current worldwide experience illuminates that error.

So today we proceed with raw exposure of some of the misinterpretations borne of poor observation meshed with poor judgement and illogic. Many are saying something nefarious is transpiring because the enforcements of a certain group of perceptions skews into the unreasonable. It may be deserving of a screed but we will persist with simple polemic. We begin with some sets of important and concerning data.

Consider: Nursing homes and ventilators When we look back at this viral event, we must admit that most Covid-19 deaths will be attributed to policy mistakes regarding nursing homes and procedural medical mistakes using ventilators.

Fact: Most Covid-19 related deaths have occurred in long-term care facilities. We should have known. The first outbreak of this virus occurred in a nursing home facility in Washington state where 22 residents died. These are the numbers from a few states: Nebraska, 70 percent of deaths were in long-term care facilities; Connecticut last week, 90 percent; Delaware, 70 percent; Minnesota, 84 percent; Washington, 61 percent; Kentucky, 59 percent; Colorado, 58 percent. (2)

Nationwide, about half of all deaths were in long-term care facilities — half. There has to have been a better way to direct policy to protect the vulnerable. Just highlight one error. In April, a nursing home in New York, the worst administered location in the country, begged the New York Health Department to move some of their at-risk patients to the Naval Hospital Ship USNS Comfort or at least to the Javits Hospital Center. The State of New York continually denied their requests. 55 of their residents subsequently died of Covid-19. (3)

Politician points finger at Penn. Secretary of Health

With 80 % of new coronavirus deaths in Pennsylvania at nursing and personal care homes, lawmakers demand answers

“There is no excuse for what is going on, OK?” said Chester County state Sen. Andrew Dinniman, who like Gov. Tom Wolf is a Democrat. “The Department of Health has failed our nursing homes.”


Fact: With Covid-19, patients arrive at hospitals presenting with breathing difficulty. There are many ways to assist breathing and many different types of machines called ventilators. Not all require intubation, the most radical of the procedures yet commonly used in these cases. A number of frontline physicians treating Covid patients have now stated the obvious: mechanical invasive intubation often isn’t the best intervention. Doctors know that when a patient is intubated there is a 50/50 chance of mortality. In the Covid cases in New York, only 1 in 10 lived through it; not good odds. Intubation was standard and the loud cry from the hospitals and states for those kinds of ventilators led to the surge to provide the machines. They now lie idle in warehouses as doctors resist their use in favor of other therapies, at least as successful. Many doctors around the world are now admitting that intubation ventilators made their patients worse, not better. The docs are stopping short of admitting that the ventilators killed patients when other methods may have saved them. (4) (5)

Consider: Social policies had no effect or bad effect. For the first time in U.S. history, all 50 states had declared states of emergency. This gave governors and the people who influenced them unprecedented power to dictate social behavior. People who “dictate” can properly be called called “dictators.” That is becoming apparent, especially when one compares the varying degrees of social control states exerted. Decisions were undeniably capricious, bordering on whimsical or nonsensical. For example, people were allowed in big box stores but not in churches and so on. Gatherings were allowed on beaches but only if you kept moving. You couldn’t sit down on the sand in one state but you could in another. And the resulting biometrics showed that there was absolutely no benefit to quarantining healthy people, just the opposite. A state with no social distancing at all (e.g. Wyo.) might have a death rate of 12/million and a state with severe stay-at-home measures (Calif.) a death rate of 81/million. (6)
This needs to be said: We are separating humans from other humans without any good reason and not a shred of science. What we are doing, along with some very suspect medical procedures, is depleting the immune system, making humans LESS healthy and more susceptible to illness and death. There is science to back that up.  (7)

Consider: The dire future. Ignorant public officials are making absurd statements saying that no state of normalcy will be possible “without a cure.” (8) Others say that only with a vaccine can schools open and people resume normal contact. And that vaccine should be mandatory.

Fact: News break: There is no cure for the common cold and no vaccine. There has been a vaccine for seasonal flu for over 50 years yet 650,000 people around the world die from those kinds of respiratory infections each year. (9)

Look, taking care of our health is commendable. Weaponizing and politicizing that objective is immoral and defies Mother Nature.

The links below don’t lead to Truth. We already covered that notion. But they do lead to numbers that can help rational people make rational decisions. Those seem to be sorely lacking with this very suspect situation we find ourselves in right now.

Be well.

Heartland Healing is a metaphysically based polemic describing alternatives to conventional methods of healing the body, mind and planet. It is provided as information and entertainment, certainly not medical advice. Important to remember and pass on to others: for a weekly dose of Heartland Healing, visit












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