Crunching the Numbers

     by Michael Braunstein

Oh, how I want to unload the full salvo. I will restrain myself. So, with temperance as a guide, I will instead simply present some numbers for consideration. Being true to the concept of polemic, though, it will not be without a certain amount of personal observation. Let’s begin.

34% Thirty-four percent. That’s the average effectiveness of the flu vaccine over the past five years, 2014-2019. Those numbers are according to the Center for Disease Control, not that CDC is reliable, as we all know. (1) The medical establishment has been pushing the flu shot since 1960, sixty years. And the best average we can come up with over the past five years is 34%. So along comes a vaccine produced in less than eight months and it is declared to have a 94.5% effectiveness. (2) Now, there are vaccines with nearly 100% effectiveness. The rabies vaccine comes to mind. But that’s a totally different kind of virus, a rhabdovirus, not a coronavirus. Works way differently, by directly entering the vascular system. No vaccine for a coronavirus has ever approached 94.5%. So chew on those numbers.

8 Miles Eight miles is the distance a top level, high-security bioweapons laboratory is from the wet market in Wuhan that the World Health Organization identified as the source of the Wuhan Flu/Coronavirus/Covid-19 virus. The WHO insisted that the Chinese Communist Party was truthful in revealing the virus started in the Wuhan wet market and still has not admitted that the virus emerged from research done at the Wuhan laboratory. (3)

Zero The number of research papers that prove the novel Covid-19 virus emerged naturally by zoonotic transfer from a mammalian species to humans. Bat soup, pangolins and other animals were theorized but no concrete, lasting evidence has been produced to confirm the virus came from a bat to a pangolin to humans. (4)

3 Months Three months is the length of time we now know the Covid-19 virus was circulating in the general population before the claimed time of December that China said it was. Researchers in Italy have isolated the specific antibody present when humans are exposed to the virus in blood samples from September of 2019. This means that the Wuhan origin story is inaccurate.  (5)

$3.7 million + $3.7 million = $7.4 million That’s seven-point-four million dollars, my friends. That’s how much the United States National Institutes of Health gave to the Wuhan laboratory that is researching what is known as “gain-of-function” with lethal viruses. That’s correct. One way of looking at it is that your tax dollars funded the collapse of the United States economy. Reminds me of the old country song, “I Bought the Shoes that Walked Out on Me.” The transfer of the money was approved by none other than — wait for it — Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci is a big fan of “gain-of-function” research which is the description of working diligently in a top-level lab to make deadly viruses more deadly, ergo “gain of function.”  (6)

52 Years Fifty-two years is the length of time that a person called Anthony Fauci has been a Federal employee, a tenured bureaucrat, uniquely qualified to wend his way through the halls of government. He was first employed by the National Institutes of Health in 1968. He has demonstrated extreme skill at being able to remain employed through the Administrations of ten U.S. Presidents. His employment began when Lyndon Johnson was President. (7)

1.7 Million and 99,000 Nosocomial infection. You may have heard the phrase in the past year. It means an infection that a patient acquires while in the hospital. It’s not one he or she brought in with them. In the United States, there are 1.7 million hospital acquired infections each year and 99,000 of those people die from going to the hospital. (8)

784,000 That’s the number of annual deaths attributed to the practice of Western medicine according to a detailed research paper from 1998 by three doctors. It’s called Death by Medicine. Each year. That’s a lot. (9)

99.75 % That’s the survivability rate from the Wuhan Flu combined across all age groups. (10)

There you have a few of the number of the day. How was it, Captain Crunch? No matter how much sugar you put on it, today’s approach to things is a bitter pill.

Be well.

Heartland Healing is a metaphysically based polemic describing alternatives to conventional methods of healing the body, mind and planet. It is provided as information and entertainment, certainly not medical advice. Important to remember and pass on to others: for a weekly dose of Heartland Healing, visit




(4) cannot reference a non-existent paper







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