I Thought. So.

Forget about the world for a minute. Just think. But not about the world. Just think about thinking. That’s all you need to do right now. No thoughts about things; just about thinking. You can do it.

Thought is the most powerful force that exists. In fact, thought is existence. If you didn’t exist, you could not think. At least that’s the way we think about it. In fact, though, it’s the other way around: If you did not think, you would not exist. Descartes’ “Cogito ergo sum,” is not a summation proof. It is a declaration of causality.

Consider then the nature of existence and the creation of form. Obviously, nothing in the world of form exists until it exists first as thought. Thought is primary. Form is secondary. (At this point it may be good exercise to stop and think about that. Think of something in the world that wasn’t thought up before it existed.)

The structure of cause and effect is immutable. So how did this entire physical universe come into being? It had to be with a thought. That, then, leads us into ontology. This is no abstract exercise we are entertaining. It has very real application in our physical experience, as we will see in the end.

Oneness vs. Separateness. Something must explain this world of form in which we dally. We must reconcile the paradox of a benign Being who concurrently creates beautiful sunrises and then children dying in car crashes; oversees peaceful joy of convivial assembly and violent destruction of devastating war, and so on. How does that fit any theology that makes sense? I know there are twisted explanations but that still makes for a very inconsistent Supreme Being. And that’s just one objection to the notion of Supreme Causality of the universe of form.

There is an option. Begin by entertaining the idea of oneness. And you can use science to help you. Science confirms there is indeed a unified field, a oneness of energy that connects all things. In fact, there is nowhere in the universe where energy is not, even on the other side of the event horizon. That essential energy provides the substrate upon which the appearance of matter rests. Oneness also defines the common characteristic of how we describe a Supreme Being or Creator. But if Oneness is a defining quality of God then how is it God could create a sea of separateness that is the world of form?

Another thing science confirms is that energy is neither created nor destroyed. That’s a law of science. So how do you explain the Big Bang that supposedly created the universe? If energy always exists, what was it doing before the Big Bang? More importantly, who caused the Big Bang?

Balance Beam. Another law of science states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That’s what keeps things together in a sense. There is balance; a yin and a yang. So in keeping with that thought, by definition, in order for there to be a Creator Being, there has to be a created being. It’s a synergistic relationship. Can’t have one without the other. Each completes the other. There is no egg without a yolk and an albumen. And that’s what was going on before the Big Bang. The Egg existed then and still does now. Creator and created were One. There is a difference between the two but there is no separation. Together they are One.

Each of the two could think. Existence requires that. But they thought together. The thought of each resonated with the other and was shared inside that comfortable eternal eggshell. But free will being what it is, the egg white had a thought. Insane as it was, the egg white thought, “Hey. I could exist separately from the yolk.” Of course, that is a crazy thought the egg white had but remember, thought creates form. And thought, being the most powerful energy in existence, manifested proof of that illusory belief. To describe in a metaphor, that underlying unified field of energy, the displacement of God if you will, becomes the screen upon which we project a world of form that is nothing more than a dreamlike movie.

Because thought creates, the idea that separation from the Creator could happen projected a false reality that mirrored the false idea. That false reality became a world of form that demonstrated the errant idea of separation. No longer was oneness the experience but rather, separateness became the experience. This physical world we are looking at screams out that all things are separate: that chair, that cup, that tree, that planet, that galaxy, that body and on and on. All this despite the fact that even our science reminds us that all things are connected on the deepest and most real level of energy, no matter what we believe otherwise.

All manner of reminders surround us. Our science tells us that the substrate energy exists, whatever term we choose to call it. Our art — movies, poems, literature — constantly remind us we are not physical beings but energy, not crude matter but “luminous beings” as Yoda said. That energy surrounds us; is in us. It is us.

We are ideas. We are thought. Any attempt to silence the expression of thoughts and ideas of others, is an attack upon ourselves. Long before it was adopted as our nation’s identity, “E pluribus unum” was a noble goal.

Through history and in the present, we see attacks on the freedom of expression of ideas. Speakers chased from university campuses, communicators banned from demagogic media platforms display the fruitless attack on thought, for thought cannot be controlled by an outside force. It is the Force.

In the realm of human experience, Love is an apt description of energy that expands. Love does not exclude. It includes. Look around. You will find leaders who unabashedly use the word Love and include. Identify those who have been saying the word “Love” and embracing the origin of a nation born on that belief. Then correct your thoughts to mirror the same.

Be well.

Heartland Healing is a metaphysically based polemic describing alternatives to conventional methods of healing the body, mind and planet. It is provided as information and entertainment, certainly not medical advice. Important to remember and pass on to others: for a weekly dose of Heartland Healing, visit HeartlandHealing.com.

Michael Braunstein, 2021.01.19 

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