Meat Market

Commercial meat? I don’t eat.

“Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn. The sheep’s in the meadow. The cow’s in the corn.” — Traditional English nursery rhyme

Literary scholars have imposed their own debatable interpretations upon the meaning of that centuries-old children’s rhyme, alluding to social upheaval and obscure reformation topics of medieval England.

My own interpretation is much simpler. Why would anyone alert to cows in the corn? It’s a matter of biology and science. Cows are ruminants. Ruminants are not designed by Nature to eat foods like corn. In a ruminant’s first stomach, the rumen, the corn will ferment and make the animal sick. Once loose in a cornfield, a cow will eat so much of the yummy, sugary corn that it will die. It’s science.

Because the industrial livestock sector is a profit-hungry hegemony controlled by a handful of corporations worldwide, corn is the fattener of choice used by feedlots to rush cattle to your neighborhood cheap-food outlet, whether a supermarket or drive-thru burger dealer. Industrial livestock production is immoral on so many levels and feeding corn to cows is the beginning. Little Boy Blue has gone missing and is presumed dead. (1)

When I first moved from Hollywood back to my home of Omaha, I was a vegetarian. Eating that way just felt better to my body. Within a couple years of my return, I was back on the meat. Shacking up with carnivorous girlfriends will do that to you, among other things. But I soon made an informed choice based on science, common sense, morality and flavor. Since 2005, all the meat to my table — be it poultry, lamb, bison or beef — has been pasture-raised and grass-fed, sourced from single-farmer ranchers within 90 miles of home. It is easier to do than one would think. The only accommodation I made was a small freezer ($125) to keep stocked.

Worth it. I pay more for this meat but not that much more. It’s competitive and the value far exceeds the cost. Consider this. I believe the shorter the food chain, the safer the food chain. Care to hazard a guess as to how many hands or machines touch the reddish colored stuff in that package of hamburger at the store? Or even how many cows contributed to it? Good luck. And you don’t want to know. (2)

On the other hand, my rancher takes two or three animals to a licensed and inspected processing facility in Table Rock or Diller or some other small town in Nebraska and the burger, steaks, ribs and roasts that come out are from the animals he brought and those animals alone. And a total of three or four people handle the animals from ranch to package to table. I like that.

I like that the meat that comes to me is grass-fed and grass-fed only. Beware of spurious arguments from industrial advocates that say, “All beef is grass-fed. So they get a little corn at the end to fatten them up. They are still grass-fed.”

Don’t fall for it. It takes only a couple days for the nutritional profile of that meat to change, for the unnatural changes in the animal to occur. (3) Not to mention that the incidence of the dangerous strain of E. coli bacteria increases. All this — and much more — adds up to my opinion that enough evidence exists to stay clear of industrial meat. It’s not natural meat that is the problem. It’s the way we’ve industrialized the product, elevating profit over morality, Nature and common sense.

The GMO Lunatic So along comes a champion of all things unnatural who masquerades behind an image of progressive philanthropy. Ironically, this guy is often the darling of a clan claiming care of Planet Earth is a priority. Allegiance to Nature and Nature’s wisdom is the last thing on the guy’s mind. It’s not fair to say I know what exactly he’s thinking but his love for human intervention into natural processes portends his position. He loves GMO mosquitoes, GMO vaccines, GMO crops and GMO food-like substances.

Bill Gates wants us to eat a meat-flavor substance manufactured in a laboratory using alteration of genetic coding. It’s not meat at all but a concoction developed by mad scientists funded by Gates. Who knows what the Gates goal is but it’s certainly not honoring what Nature has in mind.

That is the whole problem with eating industrial meat. We’ve strayed from the way Nature intended to the way Gates and people like him commanded.

Little Boy Blue needs a bigger horn.

Be well.

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