Metaphysics of Vaccine

by Michael Braunstein

My first career choice was “cowboy.” That was around age six. My Mattel “Fanner Fifty” cap guns in my holsters and chaps over my cowboy boots, I was pretty sure I was going to grow up to ride herd and sleep by campfires. Then my world expanded and by eight I knew I was destined to be a race car driver. My pedal-car Chevy was the fastest on the block. When I found a rose quartz crystal and my mom told me that it had healing powers, I took a hard turn toward medicine. (Now, I’m dating myself but this was in the 1950s so my mom was hardly a New Age hippie. They hadn’t been invented yet. Don’t ask me how a nice Episcopalian Midwestern lady descended from British royalty knew about crystals.)

Despite pre-med and a quick jaunt into medical school, fortune took me to Los Angeles and the music business. But even after 20 years of making records, the connection to healing never waned. When making records became less fun, I felt a turn back toward healing. By then I was deeply steeped in metaphysics and the school of thought as cause; the physical world as effect.

Since the 1960s, I had warmed to the Hindu notion that the world of form is maya, illusion; the idea that reality is on a different level from form. This understanding is not restricted to Hindu sensibility. Physicists, poets, filmmakers and philosophers throughout time have described the world of form as an illusion of the senses. That made my pivot to metaphysics all the more reasonable. Never was that position more anchored than when I embraced A Course in Miracles and its lessons.

Knowing I would be moving on from making records and having already noticed that Western medicine was not about healing, I visited a college of Oriental medicine. I considered becoming a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. An OMD, licensed in most states, uses traditional age-old techniques to promote healing. Modalities include ancient Chinese practices like acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine and more. Specific diagnostic techniques are a far cry from the technology of Western medicine. The philosophies of the two spheres are diametrically opposed. Pharmaceuticals and surgery are not at all a part of OMD.

Though impressed by the campus in Santa Monica, a shocking revelation struck. While visiting a treatment room I realized that an OMD prescribing valerian herb as medicine is very much the same as a Western doctor giving valium. Valerian root or valium pills, both the herb and the drug, though strikingly different, are both something outside the individual used to exact a change. But in my awareness, only thought could be considered truly cause and being in the world of form, valerian and valium were both in the same illusion. A few days later, serendipity and reconnecting with a former student of mine from UCLA led me to hypnotherapy school. For the next 20 years I helped clients work in the realm of thought.

What’s this all have to do with vaccine? You might wonder. At first it may not be obvious but when any intervention to stem the effect of an illness is derived from the world of form, those interventions, be them an herb or a drug, have one glaring similarity: they are using something in the world of form to attempt to correct something in the world of form. To revisit a quote attributed to Albert Einstein, “We cannot solve a problem by operating on the same level as the problem itself.”

Since thought is cause and form is effect, both herb and drug are using form to change form. That does not change cause. The cause will persist and the form will reappear as a result of the cause. That makes herb and drug similar in that respect. So is there any difference in approach?

Man is part of Nature. We play the fool if we think we are not. The difference between an herb as medicine and a genetically manipulated “vaccine” as medicine is clear. Using an herb is using something that occurs naturally. It recognizes that there is something bigger than human intellect that plays into the equation. There is something outside the human conceit that we are part of. Acting in harmony with Nature rather than taking a position of dominating Nature is far different than adopting an air of control.

The difference is subtle to be sure. But the subtle energies are the ones that give the greatest reward.

Be well.

Heartland Healing is a metaphysically based polemic describing alternatives to conventional methods of healing the body, mind and planet. It is provided as information and entertainment, certainly not medical advice. Important to remember and pass on to others: for a weekly dose of Heartland Healing, visit


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