Okay, here’s the deal. If you’re too young to recognize that famous quote from one of the greatest pop culture send-ups Hollywood ever made, then you’re the perfect age to get to the Baxter Arena on April 14 and 15 for the eleventh annual Omaha Health Expo, just so you can learn ways to keep your youthful figure and brash vitality.

And on the other hand, if your age is such that you don’t remember the famous line from “This is Spinal Tap,” then get to the No Name Nutrition booth at the Expo to find out about gingko biloba.

And if you’re any age in between, come find out what the best and latest options are for you to return to and maintain perfect health. As Omaha chiropractor Dr. Shawn Schmidt always tells patients, “It’s easier to stay healthy than it is to get healthy.” Fortunately for all of us, there are solutions to both getting and staying at the Omaha Health Expo.

Can you spell it? It wasn’t that long ago that most of us in Omaha didn’t know how to spell that immune-boosting herb that is an ideal alternative to conventional drugs and vaccines during cold and flu season: e-c-h-i-n-a-c-e-a, echinacea. And heck, even my spellcheck recognizes it now. Twenty years ago, few people knew that there exists an entire world of medicines and therapies outside of conventional medicine that can keep the whole body, mind, spirit connection healthy and whole.

Conventional American medicine certainly has its place in treating traumatic mishaps. There is nowhere a victim of a car crash or massive heart attack should be other than one of our amazing Emergency Rooms. But when it comes to health imbalances, chronic ailments and pain, emotional distress and even severe life-threatening diseases, there are many time-tested traditional therapies that can reverse the course of any ailment. And those are some of the methods that will be on display at the Expo.

In addition, there will be expert speakers, workshops, CEU offerings, discussion groups, free massages, nutritional advice and much more over the two-day weekend. Let’s start with a partial list of speakers who will grace the Main Stage.

“Mentalist Lance Nicolai”: It all starts with the mind. The mind is what controls how we feel. It has ultimate impact on our health. Our emotions really depend on what we think. And if we want to get anything accomplished, it all starts with the mind. Lance Nicolai, based in Des Moines, will tie it all together and even give a demonstration with the audience on how connected the mind is.

“Chiropractic: It works! Here’s why!” — Dr. Jess Bethel from Dr. Shawn Schmidt’s Natural Health Center will cover nutrition, chiropractic and acupuncture as presented at the clinic. Find out why these time-tested therapies are used by professional and amateur athletes, patients of all ages and are gaining in popularity over conventional drugs and surgery alternatives.

“New Anti-Aging Technology to Incredible Youth” — Who wants to get old? Dr. Paul Tai, DPM, from Michigan will share the latest information how to beat back Father Time. Practicing physician and best-selling author will clue us in on what it takes to stay young and vital. And it isn’t drugs.

“Food For Life – Benefits of A Plant Based Diet” — presented by Melissa Sherlock,  A Certified Food For Life Instructor. Mounting evidence shows that centering our diet around a vegetarian source helps prolong and enhance health. Eating the right foods and avoiding processed ones are the key. Note the title includes the phrase “plant based.”

Elevating Health & Happiness with Positive Psychology!” — The Expo is excited to present for the first time, Edrienne Edwards, MBA from Texas and former Mrs. United States. Her inspirational story and methods show that the mind/body connection translates to success in our lives.

The Nebraska Nite Hawks Football – Come Hear From the Team Coaches – Some Drills to Help you Improve” — Presented by Kari Menzia and some of the Coaches and Players from the Nebraska Nite Hawks Football Team. Fitness and activity must be a part of a balanced lifestyle in order to remain healthy. It’s always important to hear from people who make action and athletics a profession.

Lose Weight & Burn Fat Naturally — Scientific Research Validated ” — Most Americans are overweight and would like to lose a few pounds (or many!) The epidemic did not skip over the Midwest. Michigan Dr. Paul Tai returns on Sunday to the Main Stage to share what he knows about shedding those pounds in a healthful and successful way.

While these are just a few of the Main Stage speakers, there will be seminars, workshops and speakers at breakout sessions throughout the Arena. All of them are free to Expo attendees.

Make your health “go to eleven” with what you learn at the Omaha Health Expo 2018.

Be well.

Heartland Healing is a metaphysically based polemic describing alternatives to conventional methods of healing the body, mind and planet. It is provided as information and entertainment, certainly not medical advice. Visit HeartlandHealing.com and like us on Facebook.

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