Let’s go back to the beginning…Well, not really the “beginning,” beginning but you’ll know what I mean. Consider the time when you first took on a body. That’s right, all the way back to the womb. You were floating, weightless, at complete ease in a dark, warm, quiet cocoon. No real sense of touch, no need to breathe, eat or look at your cell phone. All your cares were met.

Though dependent on your host, your mother, you still determined most of your bodily functions like heartbeat, cell growth, circulation and so on. You had a mind directing all that. But it wasn’t the mind that analyzes things or reads or sorts data.

Every adult understands the concept that we have two parts of the mind, a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. We know the conscious mind’s role. It does stuff like analyze and calculate. It looks at data and offers opinions as to right action. In short, the conscious mind thinks.

The subconscious, on the other hand, runs everything else. It controls all bodily functions, ranging from digestion, heart rate, blood pressure, immune system, muscle movement, eye focus, perspiration… everything else. It organizes the repair of damaged cells in the event of trauma, operates body systems when we sleep and more. The subconscious doesn’t think. It feels. It always has been that way.

How do we know the subconscious is doing all that important stuff? Easy. We can communicate with it and readily influence those physical markers. A filmmaker does it all the time. Any decent Hollywood director can present you with scenes that will raise your blood pressure, elevate heart rate, respiration, make you sweat and even turn you on — all through your subconscious.

Oh, and another amazing thing about the subconscious mind: it stores information with almost infinite capacity. The subconscious mind is like a huge hard drive, able to store vast amounts, a lifetime’s worth of information and allow access to it at a moment’s notice.

The conscious mind, though, is like RAM memory in your computer: It’s limited in scope, easily filled up and doesn’t store much. Plus, there’s hell to pay when you run out. 

It’s not that difficult to communicate with the subconscious. Hypnotherapists do it intentionally all the time. Everyone is capable of it. We just need the conscious mind to step aside.

One part of our mind is a noisy bully. The other, more powerful part, the subconscious, is a patient enabler. Let’s examine the disadvantages of having a bully in the pulpit.

When I was born, I had no head. My eye was single and my body was filled with light.” – The Incredible String Band  The conscious mind is ordinarily associated with the head, the subconscious with heart, (even though mind is not located in the body). No one should rationally dispute the fact that when you were born, you indeed had a mind. Of course you had a mind. All those things listed above that are run by the subconscious mind were in place and operating even before your birth. What you didn’t have when born was a conscious, analytical mind that computed data. You had no “head”, no intellect. 

We exit the womb with a subconscious mind capable of feeling physical things for the first time. We experience physical effects as feeling. The physical experience of hunger? We feel hungry. Cold? We feel cold. We open our eyes and instead of a dark, safe, quiet, wet, warm, weightless experience, we are bombarded with a barrage of sensory cues. A woman picks us up and we feel better. We feel warmer. We suckle and feel no hunger. We breathe for the first time and we hear our voice. We make a sound — “Waaah!” — and that sound brings the woman back to us. We have begun the process of discovering and developing a mechanism to interface with the newly entered physical world of form. That mechanism is the conscious mind.

Different sounds result in different results. We learn language. We learn to identify separate things in the physical world. We establish a belief in separateness. We build a conscious mind. We develop that offshoot of our real mind that is supposed to be a tool, a servant, for our true mind, the subconscious.

When our subconscious establishes that something should occur, that we need to interface with the physical world, we would direct the conscious mind to carry out the will of the feeling that the subconscious identified. The intellectual mind originated as a tool for the real, inner self and a way for that self to enact what was needed or proper based on what the heartmind determined, what felt right.

But something happens as a human grows up. As the intellect becomes enthralled with its power to collect data and information, it starts listening to the information it retrieves rather than listening to instructions from the self. Pretty soon, the intellect is telling the subconscious what should be done, based on data it retrieved from USAToday or teachers or friends or television or the internet or doctors or “they”. And we all know how sketchy that information can be. Pretty soon, the conscious mind, a mind that can only crunch numbers, analyze and collect data is making decisions based on what the world is telling it. And that information changes almost daily. The tool that was built by us to serve us is telling the adult us what to do. The inmate took over the asylum.

“One light. Light that is one though the lamps be many.” – Incredible String Band Somewhere along the learning curve of life, many people find that making decisions based on data the world feeds us doesn’t work out. Things go wrong no matter how much data the conscious mind crunches. The only way to take back the ability to do right action is to place responsibility in the part of the mind that isn’t data-driven. The subconscious is still in contact with that One Light. We just need to remember who’s boss in there.

Be well.

Heartland Healing is a metaphysically based polemic describing alternatives to conventional methods of healing the body, mind and planet. It is provided as information and entertainment, certainly not medical advice. Important to remember and pass on to others: for a weekly dose of Heartland Healing, visit HeartlandHealing.com. and like us on Facebook.


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