Baxter Arena, April 8 & 9. Drive down Dodge Street any day of the week. Read the billboards stretching from the Elkhorn River east to the Missouri. You’ll learn who to call with a sick child, what hospital has the most celebrated heart doctors, which medical group can smooth your cheeks, plump your butt, or suck the fat off your tummy. The conventional medical system owns the airwaves, the billboards, the ad market. There is no shortage of media barrage on the subject of drugs, surgery or hip replacements. Turn every corner, flip every channel, peruse every page and you’ll be bombarded with ads for Big Pharma and Big Medicine. You can be an informed consumer just by driving down the street.

Be an Informed Consumer. But is that mainstream media information good information? That mainstream medical mega-system has the most money, gets the most attention, has the most powerful lobbyists, receives the most government support. Where can you learn about options that may be just as good but far less invasive, far less expensive? How often do you see a billboard about acupuncture? About meditation? About herbal therapies, homeopathy, neurofeedback, hydrotherapy or even chiropractic? How about ayurveda or yoga or reiki or tai chi or energy medicine? All of these are viable, successful medical therapies that millions use everyday and millions more would find help from if only they had the chance to learn more about them.

Twenty-some years ago when I moved back to Omaha from Los Angeles, few people here knew how to spell echinacea let alone knew what it was good for. Now you can (thankfully) find it on the shelf in any drugstore. But there is more to know about holistic and natural medicine than those few ultra-popular herbs and practices like yoga. That’s where the Omaha Health Expo can help.

The Omaha Health Expo is celebrating ten years of providing the Midwest with a chance to meet with and learn from practitioners who won’t be seen advertising on billboards down Dodge Street. With dozens of workshops and presentations, hundreds of exhibitors and a new, shiny venue that is as welcoming as it is warm, the Expo brings just such an opportunity to Omaha.

Nutrition, massage, clean water may sound like the simple things in life that can keep you healthy and happy. But in a world that is increasingly complex, those simple things can become evasive and confusing. Conventional nutritionists are still… conventional. Water systems have become more technical. Massage has more benefits than we realized. Chiropractic is finally recognized as a medical practice. To stay in touch with the leading edge in all areas, folks who are well-acquainted with holistic and natural medicine need to explore for more. People unfamiliar with them need to find out their benefits.

This year it’s special. This year, the Expo is featuring Vaccine Summit Omaha. Heartland Healing and the Omaha Expo are bringing Chicago physician Dr. Toni Bark to present at the Expo. Dr. Bark is a national speaker on the topic of vaccines and has appeared in the documentaries “Vaccines Revealed,” “Bought,” “Silent Epidemic” and many more. She has paneled with vaccine critic Robert Kennedy, Jr. and will be coming to the Expo immediately after addressing the National Press Club on the topic.

The public continues to question the safety, the effectiveness and the number of vaccines our children receive. Research used to justify their use can be confusing and often obscure. Dr. Bark will deliver a Keynote Address on Saturday that can help clear some of that up. Following the address, a panel discussion featuring local experts, including four doctors, will share what they have seen and learned about vaccines and their effects. For any parent or interested party, it’s a one-time opportunity to learn more.

Friday, April 7. Universal College of Healing Arts (, also an exhibitor at the Expo, will host a VIP event with Dr. Bark on Friday before the Expo. Plan to attend for a chance to meet and greet the speaker along with others who share an interest in the topic of vaccines and holistic therapies in general. For massage therapists, this event will include a one-hour CEU. Information and tickets for the VIP event are available at

Room for More. Omaha Health Expo founder and promoter Bob Mancuso said there are still a couple exhibitor booths available and with its affordable pricing, the Expo ( offers a cost-effective way for practitioners and businesses to reach an engaged demographic with an interest in therapies and activities that promote health in a natural and holistic way. Admission to the Expo is free and parking at the Baxter Arena is easy and free as well. Plan now to attend the events and save yourself a drive down Dodge.

Be well.

Heartland Healing is a metaphysically based polemic describing alternatives to conventional methods of healing the body, mind and planet. It is provided as information and entertainment, certainly not medical advice. Important to remember and pass on to others: for a weekly dose of Heartland Healing, visit and like us on Facebook.

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