True Humility

Holy Spirit is my caddy

by Michael Braunstein

A romp of otters, a crash of rhinoceroses, a convocation of eagles, a troop of baboons, a swarm of bees or a pod of whales — with our human need to label everything, (thereby reinforcing the concept of separateness, by the way,) we have managed to coin dozens of specific and unique names to describe collective groupings of animals in the wild. It is ironic then, that Mufasa, the fictional leader of a pride of lions and King of the Pride Lands can teach us so much about true humility.

In a dramatic scene from The Lion King, the apparition of Mufasa chides his son, young Simba, with words to the effect that Simba has forgotten his true power, his true self because, “Simba, you have forgotten who you are.” With the powerful Mufasa as his father, Simba must share certain characteristics and Mufasa urges Simba to use those traits to fulfill his purpose. The scene is a reminder to all.

The humble stumble Most of the time we think of humility as a self-deprecating view of ourselves. The very etymology of the word from the Latin humilis implies “lowly, insignificant, on the ground.” In that narrow view, to be humble must in some way mean that we are less than, flawed, not as good as; prostrate before others. If we stand pat on that meaning of humility, we have boxed ourselves into the same depressing mode that Simba found in banishment from the Kingdom. Humble, humiliated, humility — all have to be reconsidered and looked upon anew.

We all arrive here with tools in our toolbox. Viewed objectively, most of the powerful ones we didn’t even plan for. We all have our unique area of intelligence, our own universe of talents, our physical tools, our geo-positional arena. Our genetics decide race, physical constitution, gender, appearance. (It is yet another irony that we place each human into a race. The competitive implication betrays the projection of human misperception, that this existence on Spaceship Earth is some sort of competition.)

No one is bereft of a toolbox. No one comes here empty-handed. Whether born as the daughter of a millionaire in the city, a goat herder in the Kalahari or a shoemaker’s son in Lithuania, we all have tools. We are not required to buy them or bargain for them. We are only required to examine them and use them as they were designed. Some, like a physical incapacity, may seem like a negative, but they are not. Even such as that, it is a tool, all the same. Our job is to accept the tools and put them to use to serve our purpose.

The remembering. In his apparition, Mufasa made it clear that Simba had forgotten Mufasa. Simba had forgotten that the tools, the gifts from his Father were still there, in the toolbox. The gift of greatness, all the qualities that enable Simba, had been gifted from the Father. Mufasa was telling Simba to be proud of those tools and remember them. The lesson for us is that every single tool a human is born with or acquires along the way can be used by our Higher Intelligence to realize our true purpose.

This writing today will not describe fully for you your purpose. That is for another polemic. For now, just accept that every human can divine that purpose with a little introspection and surrender. And in the end, the purpose for all of us will reveal itself to be generally the same. Certainly, with any grasp of what eternal means, only the most mundane of us would assess our goal and purpose to be limited to the physical gains one can claim during the brief swatch of time we spend in the temporal world.

Use everything because you own nothing. Each person granted an existence here has the ability to use time to teach. Indeed, we have no choice that but we teach. Whether one likes it or not, every action, every word, deed or thought will lead to teaching either the message of Love or the message of fear.

It is our capacity to let circumstance and timing place our tools right into our hands. Like a caddy hands the right club to the golfer at the right time when needed, something — call it Fate, Coincidence, Cosmic Consciousness or Holy Spirit — will do that at any given time. The physical world is ready to be used. You can’t own it because, in the end, you will surrender it. But you can use it.

True humility then, far from being a feeling of insignificance, is realizing that we can choose to be subservient to a greater goal, a greater source than our own ego actualization. It is humbling to recognize that a power greater than ourselves has entrusted us with the powerful tools needed for the salvation of the world.

Be well.

Heartland Healing is a metaphysically based polemic describing alternatives to conventional methods of healing the body, mind and planet. It is provided as information and entertainment, certainly not medical advice. Important to remember and pass on to others: for a weekly dose of Heartland Healing, visit

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