We’re Toast — Awash in a sea of radiation

I had a first generation cell phone. It was about the size of a brick and about as heavy. The reception was worse than a brick. I got it so I could be on call when my mom was seriously ill back in the early 1990s. I didn’t like using it but it was handy when needed. Of course, it didn’t have a screen, couldn’t get weather radar or play Raul Midon’s latest, let alone stream a movie.

The technology that it worked on was a system of towers located around the area, each covering its own area or “cell”. That’s where we got the name “cell” phone. The radio waves and strength it used were primitive. It wasn’t long before the industry came up with a new radio protocol for the second generation of phones that were smaller and better. That became the Second Generation of cell phone technology or “2G.” Of course, we never called the original a “1G” because there was no need until there was a “2G”, right?

Well, things advanced. We needed more and more bandwidth, faster and faster downloading schemes for the tons of data we were using by 2010. So we burned through new technologies, “3G” and now are at the terminal use of “4G”. And, as you might guess, 5G is next.

Since that first cell phone in the 1980s, we’ve seen the evolution of technology that uses the electromagnetic spectrum of radio waves for everything from garage doors to refrigerators, alarm clocks to gas meters to coffee makers. Devices are communicating all around us, with themselves, the “cloud” and with us. It’s called “the internet of things.” And it’s darn depressing to realize our world has turned into a web of invisible radiation coursing through everything and every body. The scariest part of it all is that no one has bothered to really test and find out what that radiation is doing to us. We are part of a global experiment.

Maybe we should ask Madame? Yeah, well, Madame Curie discovered the phenomenon of radiation back around 1900. She experimented with it, too. And she paid with her life. The radiation killed her. Admittedly, radiation comes in a lot of different flavors — ranges of frequency and wavelength — and dangers. Some we know right off will kill us right off. Some will kill eventually. And some we just don’t know for sure how or when they might. In reality, no one really knows how badly the radiation we’re swimming in right now will affect us sooner or later. What we do know is that the radiation we’re about to receive from the new 5G setup coming in 2019 will be totally different and far more ubiquitous.

More Doctors Smoke Camels…” Yes, the tobacco industry had us fooled. It’s a fact that Big Tobacco undertook a calculated campaign to convince the public that cigarettes were safe. Their strategy was simple: find one or two “scientists” who were willing to find “inconclusive” proof that maybe, just maybe tobacco didn’t cause cancer and the industry could claim, “the jury is still out.” If they kept open the slim possibility, that was enough. And paying for their own research, they were able pull that off.

The magazine “The Nation” recently published an article showing that the cell phone industry is doing the same thing that Big Tobacco did. As long as they plant the seed of doubt that not all research finds a connection between cell phone radiation and health problems, including cancer, then the public will seize upon that slim chance in order to be able to play “Exploding Kittens” or “Words with Friends” on their cell phone.

Just like those who claim a late April cold snap is indication that anthropogenic climate change is an illusion, the cell phone industry claims the jury is still out. Now the industry is rolling out a 5G technology that plans to put a cell phone antenna on every block, on lampposts and buildings. As if we’re not bathed in enough electromagnetic radiation yet.

Not just the phone. Look, everything that has electricity attached to it puts out some kind of electromagnetic pollution. But some is definitely worse than others. There’s a reason that dental tech puts a heavy lead apron on when she shoots an X-ray of your teeth. Fluorescent lights are worse than incandescent. Electric cars are worse than conventional. Microwave ovens are worse than conventional. But consider this: cell phone radiation is designed to penetrate things. That’s why our cell phones work indoors, for crying out loud. And FYI, the new 5G will be a totally new flavor of radiation that many scientists suggest could be an even greater health risk that the current version, which has, BTW, absolutely been found to have a link to cancers by tons of research.

Cell phones are only one of the many sources of electromagnetic radiation that we haven’t fully studied. It may be too late. But at least know what you’re getting into and then learn how you can minimize your risk.

Be well.

Heartland Healing is a metaphysically based polemic describing alternatives to conventional methods of healing the body, mind and planet. It is provided as information and entertainment, certainly not medical advice. Visit HeartlandHealing.com and like us on Facebook.

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