What’s Your Pandemic Project?

I am a single father of a four year old and eight year old daughter. Their mama is a front-line health care provider here in Omaha and my girls are deeply worried about her, as well as these broader large, fairly incomprehensible, changes that have suddenly marked their world.

On our first day of quarantine, as the three of us grasped to try to figure out what was happening and how we would navigate a world of homeschooling and work and anxieties of various kinds, we established in our routine some art time.

And on that first day, I created a head out of construction paper and added it to our living room wall. The girls laughed.

So, the next day, during art time, I made another head and attached it to the wall. And they laughed again. Every day since, I have made a new, unique head out of construction paper and taped it to our living room wall. Some days, the girls join me in the challenge of making heads and adding them, too, to the wall. And, other days, it is just me doing a head while they create something different during art time.

But making those heads has become a part of our routine, our discipline, and a kind of meditative practice for me, in fact. Our COVID-19 Wall of Heads Project has become one way that I try to literally create a bit of joyous space for my daughters in our home amid so much other uncertainty outside of it. We are now up to more than 65 heads, on three walls and counting…

Submitted by Patrick Jones, Omaha, for The Reader’s Cabin Fever Chronicles

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