First Inmate Tests Positive for COVID-19

Nebraska State Penitentiary. Image taken from Google Maps.

An inmate at the Community Corrections Center-Omaha has tested positive for COVID-19.

The inmate was tested after being hospitalized yesterday for unrelated health reasons, according to a Nebraska Department of Correctional Services press release. A NDCS spokesperson did not say what health conditions led to the inmates hospitalization.

The Community Corrections Center-Omaha is now under quarantine as officials trace that person’s contacts. No inmates will be allowed to leave on work release.

“It was never a matter of if this would happen, but when,” said NDCS Director Scott Frakes in the press release. “Putting the facility under quarantine is the smartest move we can make. We want to be completely thorough in determining who had close contact with this single inmate.”

Those determined to have close contact with the individual will be placed under quarantine until cleared by a medical professional. Frakes said he did not know how long the entire facility would be under quarantine.

Three other inmates tested negative for COVID-19 earlier this week. Eight staff members have so far tested positive.

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