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The Woman Who Invented Movies

I took two film history courses in college that never once mentioned Alice Guy-Blache. It’s not a huge deal, I guess. Unless Guy-Blache just happens to be—oh, you know—the French filmmaker who invented narrative film, close-ups, and the very concept of film editing at the turn of the 20th century. No big deal, right?! It’s […]

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Big Anniversary

It’s taken a village to get this far, hear from some of the folks that made it happen.

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Best of Omaha Getting Around

Getting Around

Whether Omaha locals want to get around town in a limousine, rented bike or something in between, there are plenty of available options. By the numbers According to data courtesy of SalesGenie, 70 companies offered consumer transportation services in Omaha as of February 2018. The companies are pretty evenly spread out in the metro area, […]

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Best of Omaha Dining


Omaha boasts an impressive number of restaurants for a city of its size. No one can make the claim that Omaha isn’t a Foodie City – with around 1200 restaurants total within the city, there is never an issue of not having somewhere to go eat. By the numbers According to data courtesy of SalesGenie, […]

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Best of Omaha Professional and Health Services

Professional and Health Services

If Omaha area health services organizations seem particularly proud of who they serve and what they offer, it’s probably because they consistently appear at the top of national rankings. It’s a good situation for locals because we have ample options from which to choose. By the numbers The number of “health services” organizations in the […]

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Best of Omaha Shopping

Personal Shopping and Services

Excluding grocery stores, shopping opportunities are abundant in the Omaha metro, with more than a thousand stores open for business. By the numbers The number of stores in the Omaha area was 1,148 as of February 2018, according to data courtesy of SalesGenie. That includes clothing stores, specialty shops, department stores and just about any […]

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Best of Omaha Nightlife and Play

Nightlife and Play

The Omaha metro comes to life when the sun goes down. With some 240 area businesses classified as bars, pubs or dance clubs, the opportunity for a fun night out is ample. By the numbers The actual number of Omaha businesses attributed to nightlife is 241 as of February 2018, according to data courtesy of […]

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Best of Omaha - Living and Home Services

Living and Home Services

More than half of the homes in Omaha are occupied by their owners, U.S. Census Bureau says. When the time comes to get some help to maintain those households, Omaha has homeowners covered. From plumbers to housecleaning and everything in between, variety rules In Omaha. By the numbers The number of Omaha businesses in the […]

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A Dangerous Event Looms, Drover Makes Statement

Pop-Up Alert The TREAM Team is reuniting for one night, but they’ve got more than tacos on their mind. Peligrosito will be a night full of cocktails, Mexican inspired bites, and dancing. It could get… a little dangerous. Helmed by Chefs Jose Tomasello Cardenas and Tim Maides, the flavors are guaranteed, and the fun is […]

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But is It Food?

But is It Food? Or the willing suspension of disbelief? by Michael Braunstein They’re all over the news and it’s far too early to tell if they’re here to stay or just a flash in the (frying) pan. They are those, hi-tech, not-meat, faux food meat substitutes gaining traction with a segment of the population […]

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Aniara Okay? Are You Okay, Ani?

In a form of intellectual segregation that should be familiar to Americans, Aniara watchers will be divided into exactly one of two camps: those who think that this bleak and mournful contemplation of life is nigh-perfect and those who are furious about having been tricked into watching a Swedish space orgy. An adaptation of a […]

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She Needs a Little Time Out: An Interview with Courtney Barnett

“The city looks pretty when you’ve been indoors/For 23 days I’ve ignored all your phone calls,” sings Courtney Barnett three songs into her sophomore album Tell Me How You Really Feel. The lyric works both as an epigram about touring and about how Barnett has been living the last few years of her life. Underneath the […]

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Rocky Mountain High

We hadn’t been to Breckenridge since marijuana became legal in Colorado. Could that be right? According to Wikipedia, the state legalized pot in January 2014, more than five years ago. So, I guess it was. The last time we went to the mountains was an ill-fated trip to Estes Park, a switch from our usual […]

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Something in the Air

Something in the Air Negative ions give a positive outlook by Michael Braunstein There’s an old song written by Johnny Mercer and significantly performed by Bing Crosby in the 1944 film Here Comes the Waves. It’s a sort of inspirational tune called “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive.” Mercer maintained that he mined the title idea from a […]

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Fridging: The TV Show

The Boys is the type of series that starts off just good enough to keep watching before a distinct moment or episode where it finally gets awesome and, generally speaking, stays awesome. Unfortunately, with all due respect to compliment sandwiches, we need to be upfront about one glaring problem: The Boys is “Fridging: The Show.” […]

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Let’s Mess Up Some Kids: The Remix

Wouldn’t it be a much nicer world if today’s kids had more reason to be afraid of The Jangly Man than 8Chan users? The adaptation of the “good kind of traumatizing” Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is actually surprisingly savvy about social context. Set in 1969, the film draws an unambiguous parallel between […]

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Photos: Gary Clark Jr. at Stir Cove


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Constant Gardener

Every day, it seems some apocalypse draws nearer. News feeds blare and social media offers a barrage of discontent. And what if there are issues that touch you as an individual on a daily basis? How might you cope with such unsettled times? Cocoon. Omaha-born artist Angela Drakeford has cultivated such a cocoon, a personal, […]

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No More Grand Opening

No More Food Hub No More Empty Pots is celebrating the grand opening of their Food Hub with public tours this Monday, August 12 from 4:30pm to 7pm. This long awaited venture is located at 8501 N 30th street. The new space includes Cups Café at Florence, a business incubator, Kids Kitchen, a shared-use commercial kitchens […]

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The Best of the Fest: Lollapalooza 2019 Wrap-Up

Best Set of the Weekend: Janelle Monáe Janelle Monáe wasn’t a headliner, but she should have been. The ArchAndroid’s set was an absolute masterclass in pop performance and showmanship. She didn’t take a break until the 30-minute mark of her set, effortlessly rolling through Dirty Computer standouts including “Crazy, Classic, Life” and “Django Jane” before […]

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