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25th Anniversary

It’s taken a village to get this far, hear from some of the folks that made it happen.

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History in the Making

As important as Saddle Creek Records and its bands were to the Omaha music scene, so were Sokol Auditorium and Sokol Underground. Located on South 13th Street in the heart of Omaha’s Little Bohemia, Sokol Auditorium was a barn of a venue. Owned and operated by the Sokol organization — a Czech-American group dedicated to […]

George Walker Touched Many Through The Power of Music

George Walker began playing the guitar at age 16 in Everett, Mass. He attended Berklee College of Music, earning a diploma in music arranging, harmony, theory and jazz improvisation. His passion and drive to become a jazz musician were realized early, and he continued to play after relocating to California in the 1970s. In Omaha, […]

I Haven’t Given Up

One of the biggest questions about life after the real passing of the Pandemic of 2020 (because that’s what they’ll call it 100 years from now after we’re all long dead) is whether people will go back to the same lives they lived before.


Entheogens: Facing God Humans have been messing with their minds since they discovered they can. Perception and reality are not the same thing and ingesting chemicals certainly can prove that. By altering the metabolism of the body, especially the brain, (the primary interface of the mind with the body’s senses,) humans blur the line between […]

Prescriptions in the Pantry

Prescriptions in the Pantry It’s not like Bill Gates and Tony Fauci started it. Big Pharma hit the ground running around 150 years ago. Oh, certainly, healers have used medicines for thousands of years but the medicines were largely unadulterated natural substances. Prehistoric Plains Indians used coneflower and cottonwood poultices for healing. The other Indians, […]