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The Woman Who Invented Movies

I took two film history courses in college that never once mentioned Alice Guy-Blache. It’s not a huge deal, I guess. Unless Guy-Blache just happens to be—oh, you know—the French filmmaker who invented narrative film, close-ups, and the very concept of film editing at the turn of the 20th century. No big deal, right?! It’s […]

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Big Anniversary

It’s taken a village to get this far, hear from some of the folks that made it happen.

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Yard Chard and Other Superfoods

Yard Chard and Other Superfoods by Michael Braunstein How have humans become so dumb? There are probably a lot of theories. What I know for certain is that it happened relatively recently because when I was younger, we didn’t need labels and analyses to tell us what to eat and the difference between healthful food […]

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There is still time to visit El Museo Latino and catch Chica, an exhibition of original pastel drawings by Joseph Broghammer. The exhibition opened at this South Omaha venue on June 22nd. Artist Broghammer was commissioned in 2017 to produce a series of drawings to illustrate the children’s book, Chica, by arts collector and patron […]

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Choosing the Right Butt Cheek

There were moments during The Art of Self-Defense when I actually had to take myself out of the movie, step back for a moment, and just let it sink in that’s it’s one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever seen. I’ll spend the rest of my life quoting its lines, wearing its lines on […]

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Planet Dearth

Here’s a hot take that’s been baking in my brain oven for 25 years: Simba sucks. Hard. For the first hour of both Lion Kings, he acts like the savannah wildlife equivalent of a rich kid who can cut in front of you in line because “you know who his daddy is.” He then Houdinis […]

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Pinhole Wizard

Some photographers find creative reward in post-production, in making the final print. Others find more satisfaction in the process of capturing the image. It is in this act of photographing that inspires our artist, Hanns Zischler. Currently on exhibit at the Garden of the Zodiac Gallery, Zischler presents a retrospective of work from 2010 to […]

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Los Tapatios Faces Setback

Los Tapatios Stopped at the Border When the owners of Ixtapa announced their impending closure, they simultaneously announced that new owners had been found and would open a new restaurant in their place. Los Tapatios quickly set to work, and were prepared for a very speedy turn over, immediately offering jobs to all of Ixtapa’s […]

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Making Work Human

Jason Lauritsen is an author, podcaster, speaker, and employment engagement expert who lives just outside Omaha. All of his ventures share a common goal: educating employers about how to keep employees productive and happy. He believes the best way to increase productivity is to make work human. In an interview he elaborated on making work […]

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No, No, Nano!

No, No, Nano! You have balls in your mouth by Michael Braunstein Sometimes I forget things. As I dressed the scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning, I drizzled a little Kraft Organic Ketchup from the plastic bottle. (Okay, I know, ketchup is junk food.) Down to the dregs of the container, I watched, pleased, as the […]

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Glasgowdy, Partners!

If Lady Gaga got an Oscar nomination for A Star Is Born, Jessie Buckley gets two for Wild Rose. That’s just fair market value, folks. Audaciously unoriginal, the film is a breezy excuse to let Buckley do her stunning thing, a rousing celebration of a flawed ma, and a petty “woe is me” ballad with […]

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Will You Unbury Me?

Some art is a scream, whereas other art is but a whisper. The Proposal is a scream buried inside a whisper, basically the kinkiest of all ASMR. Jill Magid’s documentary identifies huge questions inherent to artistic ownership and then just kinda points at them. She doesn’t try to actually answer those complex queries as much […]

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Stormy Weather

The work of Minnesota-based Jay Heikes might always have been called down-to-earth. Primarily a sculptor and installation artist, Heikes composes crude but delicate assemblages of found and manipulated objects, often of metal. In his current show now open in Joslyn Art Museum’s Riley CAP Gallery, Heikes has left the familiar confines of the earth to […]

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Ten Questions with The Beths

The Beths’ bandleader/singer/songwriter Elizabeth Stokes is an indie-rock firecracker who, along with her bandmates, creates hook-filled self-deprecating gems reminiscent of acts like ’90s heartbreakers That Dog., current-day dream wonders Alvvays, and fellow down-under-er Courtney Barnett (though Courtney’s from Australia while Stokes and Co. are from the land of hobbits, New Zealand). Unlike Barnett, The Beths […]

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