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It’s taken a village to get this far, hear from some of the folks that made it happen.

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Big Med

Big Med California in the twentieth century was consistently the harbinger of cultural and political change. When a trend emerged in California, it would usually show up in the rest of America sooner or later. Take for example, skateboards; in California in the ‘50s; Omaha in the ‘60s. Then there is the economic evil known […]

I Think. So.

I Thought. So. Forget about the world for a minute. Just think. But not about the world. Just think about thinking. That’s all you need to do right now. No thoughts about things; just about thinking. You can do it. Thought is the most powerful force that exists. In fact, thought is existence. If you […]

Donald E. Baldwin Sr.

Don Baldwin was devoted to God, his family, his work and many good causes. At 90, he was still active in the Baldwin Carpet Flooring America, which he and his wife Joanne founded in 1969. Originally, the shop was located near 46th & Leavenworth, eventually moving to its current location at 9625 Ida St. He’s […]

Benjamin T. Nelson, aka “The Gov”

I met The Gov for the first time in April of 2001. I had just returned to Omaha from Portland,OR and was moving into a house with my friend Chris. The house had three bedrooms and Chris informed me that The Gov would be our third roommate.  The three of us lived in that house for […]

Alfred Martinez Sr.

Mr. Al Martinez Sr. passed away from Parkinson’s Disease complicated by COVID-19.  He was a decorated member of the armed forces, a community activist and a pioneer as the first Latino police officer on the Omaha Police Department, working there for 33 years. He served his South Omaha community for more than 50 years. Born and […]

Better than Butter

Butter and Better Back in the 1970s, America went on a kick-the-fat binge. Industrial food shills in concert with the medical mafia vilified fat. But they went too far. They targeted all fat as bad. Thankfully, the obsession has waned. One reason is that we are learning to eat more holistically. That means people are […]