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Prescriptions in the Pantry

Prescriptions in the Pantry It’s not like Bill Gates and Tony Fauci started it. Big Pharma hit the ground running around 150 years ago. Oh, certainly, healers have used medicines for thousands of years but the medicines were largely unadulterated natural substances. Prehistoric Plains Indians used coneflower and cottonwood poultices for healing. The other Indians, […]

Metaphysics of Vaccine

Metaphysics of Vaccine by Michael Braunstein My first career choice was “cowboy.” That was around age six. My Mattel “Fanner Fifty” cap guns in my holsters and chaps over my cowboy boots, I was pretty sure I was going to grow up to ride herd and sleep by campfires. Then my world expanded and by […]

A Prick in Time

It’s been a long year. Hope has come in drips rather than waves. But the COVID-19 vaccine is the biggest wave of hope yet. It represents the reopening of America, the return to schools, a future vacation trip, an evening of fine dining and a late-night rock show.

Not My Farmer

Spring Now It would be easy to think the image at the top of the column is a Photoshop construct. It isn’t. It’s from a real cover of a real magazine published for farmers in 2008. The good news is that the “farmer” in the photo is protecting himself from the poison he is delivering […]

Nursing Homes: The Nuclear Option

The Nuclear Option “For God, for Family, for Country.” – Summa Theologiae, St. Thomas Aquinas In 1945, scientists detonated the first nuclear bomb 100 feet over the New Mexico desert. Civilization entered the Atomic Age. More nuclear destruction was on the horizon. The dissolution of the nuclear family was nearly complete by the end of […]

Fool’s Gold

Fool’s Gold In the 1970s and ‘80s, eggs were getting a bad rap. Probably came from breakfast cereal companies of Battle Creek, Michigan. The fake news kept printing that eggs were bad. “Don’t eat eggs,” they said. “You’ll get cholesterol!” As if “cholesterol” was a disease or something. About that time, I started going to […]