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Husband of Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert Found Dead in Their Home

Joe Stothert, the husband of Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert, was found dead in the couple’s backyard of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound early Friday afternoon, sources tell The Reader. The Omaha World-Herald has confirmed the same information. According to scanner traffic, Omaha Police Department officers were called to the mayor’s southwest Omaha home near 120th […]

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What Are They Waiting For?

Last month I told you where some of the more important local stages for indie music stand in regard to booking shows. A year after the pandemic began, places like The Slowdown, The Waiting Room and Reverb Lounge are reopening their stages. And while it’ll be some time before touring bands hit the road again, […]

MEAT: Second Helping

Meat: Second Helping It is fitting, indeed, and just, that we offer a second helping about meat in America. After all, Americans alone consumed 100 billion pounds of meat in the recent year of 2017. You read previously, (if you are paying attention, that is,) about the disparities between industrial beef and small herd, grass […]


Meat Market Commercial meat? I don’t eat. “Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn. The sheep’s in the meadow. The cow’s in the corn.” — Traditional English nursery rhyme Literary scholars have imposed their own debatable interpretations upon the meaning of that centuries-old children’s rhyme, alluding to social upheaval and obscure reformation topics of medieval […]

Man Against Nature

Man Against Nature Ironic it is that the group of humans who force their personal prejudices upon us the majority, choose to display such human hubris while pretending to care so much about Mother Earth. Need I explain? Probably. While it’s hazardous to collect a column of people into a monolithic group based on one […]

Winter Water

Winter Water Tom Brady just won his seventh Super Bowl. And what I find more astonishing than that is something else I learned about him. Reportedly, Brady’s 2017 book about his health regimen, The TB12 Method, advocates drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day. So for a 200-pound guy that’s 100 […]

Remembering Shirley Tyree

Age 82 – January 12, 2021 In mid-January of 2021, North Omaha lost a cherished matriarch and pioneer for Omaha Public Schools. Shirley Tyree was a fierce advocate for Omaha Public Schools’  students and staff while serving on the OPS board for 20 years. Tyree, 82, died Jan. 12 in her home surrounded by family members after […]