economic justice

For Nebraskans who cannot afford to pay fines, the result is unequal justice and modern-day debtors’ prison, despite clear prohibitions against such practices in both state and federal law. more

Economic Justice

No one chooses being poor. Circumstances may find you born or thrust into poverty. Either way, the only way to move beyond unemployment, underemployment, debt and despair is to follow pathways for sucess.. Helping hands abound to guide and support. more


As if being poor isn't hard enough, some creditors gouge, hassle, intimidate and threaten people who simply can't pay their debt or need more time. Folks already stretched to the margins can find their wages and accounts garnished and facing arrest. more


Three Doctors’ to help energize organization trying to keep people out of ‘underground economy’ by Laura Schreier It wouldn’t seem like the Eastern Nebraska Community Action Partnership has much to cheer about. ENCAP board president Ern... more