‘A Painter’s Yoga Journey’

Artist Bob Bosco follows and interprets his muse in Gallery 1516 exhibit

Yoga might be better for us than we think. Physical benefits aside, artist Robert Bosco has found a muse in yoga, and his solo exhibition, A Painter’s Yoga Journey, opening March 30 at Gallery 1516 may save your brain as well.

We’ve all heard of studies touting the psychological and stress-relieving benefits of making and viewing art. A study, published in 2015 in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, found clear evidence that yoga can help protect us from age-related decline in gray matter, especially in the brain’s left hemisphere.

Subscribers to either cerebral hemisphere (or both) are invited to Gallery 1516 to reap the benefits of Robert Bosco’s paintings. There will be a members-only preview 6-9 p.m. on Thursday, March 30th, and the show opens to the public with an artist reception on March 31st during gallery hours.

Bosco, an avid yoga practitioner and Associate Professor of Art at Creighton University, has created over the last eight years a body of work devoted to the practice of yoga, each a deep study of a different asana, or yoga posture. The images will illuminate an upcoming book, Yoga: The Discipline by Omaha Yoga School founder Margaret Hahn.

An award-winning artist, Bosco’s work spans several public arts projects, including the Yoga Piano, a public interactive art project, and he has participated in more than 70 exhibitions nationally/regionally, often in collaboration with choreographers, dancers and musicians. Those interested should note the artist will hold a special performance event April 20th focusing on the refugee cause and featuring the Yoga Piano.

A Painter’s Yoga Journey runs through April 23rd at Gallery 1516, at 16th and Leavenworth. For more details and gallery hours go to gallery1516.org or call 402.305.1510.

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