‘Capturing the Moment’

Krantz photo exhibit at Zodiac Gallery reveals mixed reactions to Mexican bullfight

Jim Krantz, “Portraits” from Moments Within a Moment – original photo taken December 28th, 2005, 5:45 PM, Puerto Villarta, Mexico

Currently on display at the Garden of the Zodiac till mid-October is Moments Within a Moment, an exhibit by Jim Krantz, originally from Omaha. Krantz, who now works out of Los Angeles, is a well-respected advertising photographer.

True to its title,the exhibit dissects the well-understood photographic potential of “capturing the moment.” From one simple view-camera photograph of the climax of a Mexican bullfight, the artist pulls the elegance and brutality of the frozen-in-time final moment.

Individual portraits of the crowd are enlarged from the original and placed around the gallery, gleaning a variety of expressions, all synchronized to the exact moment portrayed in the original photo. The expressions are widely varied; some fascinated or appalled, others oblivious or otherwise involved.

The 40 plus photos are printed on a translucent Japanese gampi paper, then treated with encaustic wax to enhance the transparency and add additional texture.

Moments Within a Moment runs through Oct. 13 at The Garden of the Zodiac located in the Passageway in the Old Market, 1042 Howard Street. For more info and gallery hours, contact the gallery at 402-341-1877.









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