Pick: The Gardener of Eden: Photographs by Rob Gilmer

January 13

The Gardener of Eden: Photographs by Rob Gilmer

RNG Gallery, 157 W. Broadway, Council Bluffs

Reception 7-10p.m., art talk Jan. 14, noon, exhibit through Feb. 5


Photographer Rob Gilmer honors his dad with The Gardener of Eden, looking back on his childhood outside taking pictures, amongst the family paradise created by his father Merritt Gil Gilmer of apple and pear trees, fruit and vegetable patches, bamboo groves, and a pony, and even the “hobo that spent time in the old apple orchard.” Placing himself as “just a mere mortal who takes tons of photographs and asks lots of questions,” Gilmer, also owner and curator of RNG, is showing recent images taken in nature along with reprinted family photographs. Exemplifying the profound influence of his father on the artist’s vision, the centerpiece of the show is a photo taken of his father’s hands just two days before his passing.

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