James Scurlock mural, 24th and Camden Streets. Muralists A.D. Swolley and Hugo Zamorano. Photo by Andre Sessions


James “Juju” Scurlock

Feb. 15, 1998 – May 30, 2020

 James Reginald Dewitt Scurlock, also known to many a friends and acquaintances as JuJu.  A man who’s sudden tragedy leading to the loss of his life, “what some would even argue to actually be his murder.” It’s easy to lose sight of the question that really matters after all the videos, press conferences, rallies and media commentary.

That question being, “Who was, James Scurlock?”

A father, a brother and a son. My little brother. An outspoken, courageous and profluent young man; a man whose personality was unparalleled, and whose life’s outlook unmatched.

Born ninth of twenty-nine biological siblings, his early years were spent with his grandmother and a few siblings living in Denver, CO, until later moving back to his home city of Omaha, NE with his father, stepmother, mother and other siblings.

James, among his siblings, was raised in a very self proactive environment, leading to some trouble in his early teens as a freshman. Once overcoming those obstacle in his life, he strived to be successful and family oriented after graduating high school.

James would spend the majority of his time hanging out with his siblings when he wasn’t working, until November 1st 2019, when his daughter and only child was born into the world.

From that point forward James’ goal was to ensure that he was the greatest father and a better man to provide for his daughter as best as possible. Going as far as setting up a trust and savings account for her, then 6 month old, and collecting information to start college in the fall of 2020. James was a very enthralling, intelligent and productive 22- year-old with loyalty and a heart astonishingly larger than his personality, who’s quick to jump at the call for any help no matter how far out of his way.

James would frequently say “I’m putting that good JuJu out in the world.” His love for family, music and art would inspire him to get tattoos such as his favorite cartoon character, music notes and hearts, and even his parents’ names in Arabic. James enjoyed the small pleasures in life such as traveling and camping, listening to music, hanging out with family and friends and in general just having a good time. His presence could change the tempo of any environment he was in and flood any room with Good Vibes. It was never too hard to tell when James had something on his mind and all you had to do was ask and he would openly speak to you about anything you’d care to talk about. He was just the type of down to earth person that could make friends with anyone.

His benevolent quirky upbeat goofball personality and laid back mannerisms made him in to what seemed like a story book character who seemed larger than life at times. Though no one is perfect James always made it a point to strive for excellence in everything he was doing. To say the least, James truly was a one-of-a-kind character, with a heart of gold.

James brought a unique kind of Love with him that blanketed the hearts of anyone he touched, to simply say that he will be missed and loved deeply is a vast understatement to anyone who personally knew James Reginald “JuJu” Scurlock.

“I will love you until the end of forever little brother.”  -A.D. Swolley.


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