We have ourselves a box office battle this weekend for the top spot. In one corner: Talking owls with armored razors on their claws. In the other: Shia “The Boof” LeBeouf” and nostalgia. It’s anyone’s game at this point, with The Boofster having a slight edge on the grounds of him really wanting success outside of the giant robots and Megan Fox booby umbrella…ella…ella. I’m now going to get tons of hits from people looking for a Megan Fox Booby Umbrella…I should make one. Anyway, there are some other movies coming out this weekend, but not like last weekend, which was a glorious return to quality, however brief. Let’s take a peek at what this weekend holds, haiku style!

1.) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – $23 million

Gordon Gekko lives!

But now he faces The Boof.

You don’t cross The Boof.

2.) Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole – $20 million

Talking owls that fight.

Is this movie for children?

Or just drug users?

3.) The Town – $15 million

You keep rolling, Ben.

I hope this does mega jack!

Suck on that, J-Lo!!

4.) You Again – $12 million

No more Betty White.

I think we have had enough.

Why does this exist?

5.) Easy A – $9 million

This deserves better.

The funniest film out there.

Do you hate to laugh?

No wildcard AGAIN this week, I feel that good about it. Okay, I’m going to spend my weekend thinking of the forensics team who I should be with but am not, cleaning out a giant messy garage, and sleeping. Lots of sleeping. Hope yours is as jam packed with goodness, and I’ll catch you Monday.

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