First off, sorry about the lack of chatter regarding “The Event” today. As far as I can tell, “The Event” is that the Bears are 3-0. So my theories are still aliens or time travel, as there is no natural way that should have happened. So, if you’re blinded by some kind of light today wherever you are, it’s just my ear-to-ear grin at having a Bears team that is atop the NFC North, defeated the GD GB Packers, and are the only undefeated NFC team. Great Googily Moogily!

Speaking of eye-popping things, I may have been more than a little precognitive when I posted this image.

Because apparently, in addition to the short list that was…listed…previously, we now have one more name to add to the Superman sweepstakes: Darren Aronofsky. Um…weird. I thought his name being tossed into the Batman hat pre-Nolan’s anointing was offbeat but understandable. He is pulled by dark materials, as is evident in, you know, EVERY FILM HE’S EVER DONE. Can a director that talented stretch himself? Sure. Sure he can. But then do we lose the very aesthetic that made him great in the first place? I don’t know. I still say if you want the best, most entertaining version of Superman, you want Snyder on that film. I really mean that. Anybody else may make a truly captivating, interesting film that presents a unique and original take on the character…and it will underperform and we’ll be having this relaunch discussion AGAIN. And I don’t like this discussion. I’d rather talk about the 3-0 Chicago Bears more.

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