Happy Friday, you delicate blog flowers. Programming note: We’re going to do that traditional Friday four-step: 2 regular posts, some box office haikus, and a late review (in this case, we’re gonna poke The Social Network ). I tell you this because it’s always good to plan. It’s also good to look at Emily Blunt.

And today, we have a good reason to do so, as the lovely Brit (who married Jim from “The Office”…so keep hope alive oversized, jug-eared grinners!) is going to star in Looper , which is not a pulse-pounding action adventure set in the world of knitting (much to the chagrin of the kind Miss Robyn). No, it’s a sci-fi flick from Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed the brilliant Brick and the sort-of-brilliant (but deliciously Rachel Weisz-filled) Brother’s Bloom . The film will reunite Johnson with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and unite him with Bruce Willis (perhaps in the bonds of holy matrimony). The film follows killers who dispose of people sent from the future in an attempt to hide the evidence of their murder. So we’ve got time travel, murder, and Emily Blunt. That’s a recipe for awesome. Wait, sorry, that’s a recipe for Apple Brown Betty. My bad. No, wait, I was right the first time.

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