You sing and dance it up, Emma Stone! You just landed a role everyone knew you were going to get: You’re going to be in the new Spider-man as Gwen Stacy. Wait…what? But…but you were supposed to be MJ! How can people look past your red hair (that’s really blond but you dye it red) and spunky personality? Why, you’ll have to…ACT now!!!! Look, I love that she’s in this movie (and that we can stop with the rumors about it), but I do kind of hate that she’s Gwen Stacy. Why? Because I always envisioned Gwen as that shy, sweet girl-next-door, the girl who never did anything wrong in her whole life, who is sweet but not full of life and personality, who is your first love but not complex or varied enough to settle down with. What always struck me about how they handled it in the comics was that you could love Gwen AND love MJ for two very different reasons, and there were ways in which MJ was superior. I can’t imagine them casting a better MJ than Emma would have been. So maybe they won’t. All this speculation has been based around them having two ladies in the movie, but I don’t know that has ever been 100% confirmed. If they cast someone else as MJ, they are missing the boat. If they only had a role for one woman, I’ll take Emma Stone any day of the week. I didn’t mean that how it sounded (yes I did).

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