Some things about quality dry cleaning never change, like meticulous craftsmanship and care. Then there are innovations, which the best practitioners adopt to meet changing customer expectations. When Fashion Cleaners started in the 1940s eco-friendly cleaning was unknown. The same held true when Kermit Engh acquired the company in the 1980s. But as Engh’s evolved his business over time, he’s stayed true to best practices that never go out of style while moving to a Green Clean process. Fashion Cleaners bills itself as Nebraska’s first and only eco-friendly dry cleaner. Going green was easy after finding a liquid silicone-based cleaning solution that’s safer than the industry standard petrochemical-based solvent, perchlroethylene or perc. Since switching a year ago, Fashion Cleaners hasn’t looked back. “We felt it was a better alternative to cleaning, better for our employees and better for our customers and their clothes and the environment,” says marketing manager Ashley Abboud. “We’re always trying to do better and stay ahead of the times, and that’s what we did.” In addition to this greater-good approach, Abboud says customer service makes Fashion Cleaners stand apart. “Our people remember customers’ names. They’ll personally greet you. They’ll remember what you brought in, what you had done. We’re in the business of making people happy by making sure their clothes look outstanding, and that’s what we do.” Fashion Cleaners delivers on its promise to provide quality care and service at five metro locations. Whatever site customers choose, says Abboud, they can expect personalized, professional attention to detail for stain removal, garment finishing, inspection and packaging. Service goes a long way, and another way Fashion Cleaners makes good on it is by offering free delivery to most Omaha metro neighborhoods. The company will pick up and deliver to your home or workplace without charge. Going the extra mile is why Fashion Cleaners has been named an America’s Best Cleaner several years running and why it’s a Better Business Bureau accredited firm. It’s why producers entrusted the company with cleaning and maintaining the wardrobe of Oscar-winners Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn on Lovely, Still . Now, add a Readers’ Choice Best of the Big O to the long list of honors. “We are thrilled with the Reader’s Choice award. We pride ourselves on things like that,” says Abboud. “Our people strive to do a really good job and it makes us all feel better when we’re recognized for a job well done. It just shows we’re on the right track and we’re doing the things to make people happy.”

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