Right now, the only indication of just what is taking root at 1012 South 10th St. is a sticker on the front door. That bumper sticker-sized emblem represents loom, the multicultural-enriched dance night that has hopped across Omaha for the last five years. What lies inside is House of Loom, the nightclub vision of loom’s Brent Crampton and his two partners, Jay Kline and Ethan Bondleid. They are shooting for a July open for what Crampton calls an “artful endeavor”. During a walk-through of the space, which is currently undergoing a sawdust-filled metamorphosis, Crampton shared with The Reader just what he’s shooting for with the House of Loom. In August 2010, Crampton and his associates became serious about using part of the old Neon Goose space, towards the north end of the building. But soon, the declining fortunes of Bones, the bar tenant on the south end, presented a new opportunity. By February, House of Loom cemented their plan to take that space, which was also previously home to the Goofy Foot Lodge. “It’s basically a turnkey situation,” Crampton says. However, Crampton’s vision for the space has made the transition more of a renovation project than just a sprucing up of the place. That vision includes moving the entrance to the north and adding in a wood patio over the sloping concrete deck that currently sits outside the main bar area. The entrance area will have art, hung in a salon-style. An elevated area to the south will contain a lounge feel, with tables and chairs, while just below will be a dance floor, a DJ booth and stage. The owners plan to install sound paneling along the stage area and bring in what Crampton says will be a considerable sound system for the space. In part, Crampton says he’s inspired by late ’70s and early ’80s New York spaces like the Loft and Paradise Garage, though mixed with the ideas of inclusiveness that spawned loom in the first place. He hopes to commission artists to do wall installations and other pieces in the space, as well. “We’re trying to cater to the creative class in Omaha,” he says He says he hopes to have creative fun on the bar side too, eschewing high-end bottle service for attentive, carefully-crafted service. While the music side will hold close to DJ’s and other music that taps into the loom vibe, Crampton says he remains open to bands or whatever else fits his ideas for the House of Loom. “I have a vision of what’s going to work here and what’s not,” he says. Editor’s Note: Checking In is Backbeat’s new way of taking the pulse of what’s happening in Omaha’s music world. Backbeat seeks to put its boots on the ground of local happenings, whether it’s visiting a new venue, sitting in on a recording session or talking to a band on the road. Send story suggestions and news tips to backbeat@thereader.com.

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