Hot Shops Art Center, 1301 Nicholas St.

Brighter Tomorrow: 5-8p.m. both nights, $3 adults per night, $5 both nights, children 12 and under FREE

Parts of a Whole: Aug. 6, 6-9p.m., FREE

Both exhibits through Aug. 26

With the Parts of a Whole in Nicholas Street Gallery, artists Sarah Carney, Brad Miller and videographer Mike Machian aim to “find common emotive experiences in the small pieces that compose our lives” according to the show’s statement.  Digital artist Miller breaks down photographs to tiny textural elements and reassembles them digitally into colorfully rich and moving prints.  Illustrator Carney examines facial and postural emotions, first pencil drawing, and then inserting digital color to create her expressive multimedia work.  Videographer Machian experiments with techniques and subjects with his camera, endeavoring to seek the story via small details that most overlook. 

Omaha high school student Erick Abernathy was so enraged upon hearing his high school would be cutting their art program that he rallied other students to put together Brighter Tomorrow to bring awareness to art education, and to benefit the Sienna Francis House (all proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit organization). Photography, clothing, painting, ceramics, will be on display as well as live music by local bands. 

Sally Deskins

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