A few miles away in Lawrence, Kansas, there is a bubbling music scene–and there always has been. Since 1999, The Appleseed Cast has had a strong presence in Lawrence, planting their experimental brand of indie-rock firmly in the soil. Comprised of  singer/guitarist Chris Crisci, guitarist Aaron Pillar, bassist Nathan Whitman and drummer John Momberg, the band is primarily a guitar-driven, instrumental band. Elaborate drumming, complicated guitar arpeggios and sparse, ethereal vocals enrapture the listener until it’s as if they are catapulted a thousand miles away to some distant universe. Evocative of Braid and Sunny Day Real Estate, The Appleseed Cast is the kind of band you get lost in. Though they haven’t put out a full-length record since 2009’s Sagarmatha, they are currently on tour in support of their latest EP, Middle States (Graveface Records). After multiple line-up changes and all sorts of personal challenges, The Appleseed Cast seems set in stone and ready for an encore. (Kyle Eustice)

The Appleseed Cast with Hospital Ships and Skypiper, November 17, at The Waiting Room, 6212 Maple St., 8 p.m. Tickets are $10/adv and $12/dos. Visit www.onepercentproductions.com for more information.


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