November 29

A man who can call himself a poet, playwriter, essayist and performer, all in one, is making his way to House of Loom November 29. A night of poetry beats and hip hop from Idris Goodwin, who has been featured on HBO’s Def Poetry, and recognized by the New York Times, is bringing the spoken word to you. Goodwin touches on issues relevant to anyone and everyone.

One of Goodwin’s performances from HBO Def Poetry titled, “What is they feedin’ our kids?” pokes fun at the junk kids are fingering these days. What is the no child left behind special you ask? The greasy tater tots served atop the lunch tray’s at school of course.

The event is for all ages, up until 9 and will feature Goodwin’s book “These Are The Breaks,” for $10.

-Chelsey Yearian

Goodwin performs at House of Loom, 1012 South 10 Street, 7-9pm, FREE

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