Let’s hope you don’t get a Five Finger Death Punch for Christmas this year, but if you like heavy metal then the Los Angles-based five piece outfit is right up your alley. Formed in 2005, Five Finger Death Punch has endured a handful of lineup changes, but has finally landed on something solid. Vocalist Ivan Moody, guitarist Zoltan Bathory, guitarist Jason Hook, drummer Jeremy Spencer and bassist Chris Kael, the group is on tour with Hatebreed in support of their third studio release, American Capitalist. Intricate guitar solos, enveloping drum beats and intense vocals reveal a huge stadium sound right up there with any other well-developed heavy metal group. According to their website, Bathory “wants people to feel like f*cking lions” while they’re listening to a Five Finger Death Punch record. Enough said. Apparently known for their “formidable” stage show, Five Finger Death Punch promises not to disappoint (Kyle Eustice).

Five Finger Death Punch with Hatebreed and All That Remains, December 10, at Mid-America Center, Council Bluffs, 7 p.m. Tickets are $30-$35. Visit www.centercouncilbluffs.com for more information.

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