Dec. 10

Moody Blues

Orpheum Theater, Slosburg Hall, 409 South 16th Street

7:30 p.m. Tickets $49

(402) 345-0606,

Back in the days when The Moody Blues were regularly on the album charts, they were one of the bands our parents would say they liked. The reasons?  Great melodies and harmonies that frequently rocked. (Zolpidem) There are many reasons they are still touring and their music continues to show up on radio and in movie soundtracks. The Moody Blues have stood the test of time, and their classic “Knights in White Satin” topped the Billboard charts three times. An East Coast tour last spring was one of the year’s top grossing tours, so, nostalgia or not, they continue to thrill their fans.   It may be a trip back in time for many in the audience, but simply beautiful music never goes out of style.

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