Benson’s Star Deli at 6114 Military Ave. is having an exhibition by 14 members of Metro’s Photo Club. Over fifty members strong, the club is one of Metropolitan Community College’s most active organizations. It features current and former, students and staff of Metro’s photo program. Those with works on view include Kent Brede, Michal Chaplin, Ken Eakins, Tiffany Ferguson, Giselle Giroux, Alaina Hickman, Nicole Hupp, Carol Iverson, Brett Jurgens, Jim Kueffner, Brandon Longwell, Rachel McClain, Aubrie Rentería, and Jeff Wild. Displaying a variety of photo techniques such as  Archival Pigment Prints, Tintypes and Silver Gelatin it’s a show worth seeing. Ken Eakins’ “Out of the Darkness” 2008, uses subtle proportions of that darkness to depict steps going up toward the light. Tiffany Ferguson’s “Water Slide” 2012, is a reverie on reflections, set in an abstract framework of muted hues and wavering motion. Carol Iverson’s “A Step in Time” 2012, plays with process in creating the illusion of footsteps descending downwards. Iverson’s piece is a light/dark configuration of motion and stillness. Kenton Brede, Rachel Mcclain, and Nicole Hupp explore other insightful points of view. The show closes Sunday, January 27, 2013. Hours Mon – Fri 11-3 pm, 5-9 pm, Sat 12-5 pm. 402.880.8481,!/BensonStarDeli?fref=ts

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