Just when you thought the influx of electronic jam bands had slowed to a snail’s pace, here comes another one. Lotus. Formed in Indiana right at the turn of the century, Lotus bloomed out of college-made friendships between drummer Mike Greenfield, guitarist Mike Rempel, guitarist/keyboardist Luke Miller and his brother, bassist Jesse Miller. After years of playing their self-described “jamtronica,” Lotus recruited percussionist Chuck Morris in 2001 and went in a new direction, one geared towards instrumental music like The Orb. Their debut, 2002’s Vibes, was self-released and they have spit out an album almost every year since, culminating with 2013’s Build. If jamming out to spaced-out instrumentals with some glow sticks and some candy necklaces is your thing, Lotus was tailor-made for your enjoyment. Lotus even occasionally dresses up as Ziggy Stardust or adopts an entire robot theme. Needless to say, at least these guys are entertaining. (Kyle Eustice)

Lotus with Moon Hooch, February 12, at The Bourbon Theatre, Lincoln, 9 p.m. Tickets are $16/ADV and $20/DOS. Visit www.bourbontheatre.com for more information.

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