Before the big snow storm last week hit the Omaha area, The Waiting Room hosted BALLYHOO! and KayaVibe on Tuesday, February 19th. Backstage Entertainment got the chance to interview both bands before they took the stage to get their thoughts about being in Omaha, NE, as well as talk about their current tour.

First, we spoke with Howi and Big D, brothers in the band BALLYHOO! The band was named one of the top 100 bands to watch by MTV, and when we asked what the feeling was like the guys said it was pretty cool to have a big entity like that recognize the band. ( The guys really got a chance to get their name out there being part of Vans Warped Tour in 2012 as well as playing over 160 shows last year. With the band’s latest release of their record, “Daydreams,” Howi says if you’re a new fan checking out the band for the first time, you should listen to the song, “Walk Away.” One of their favorites that they think fans would like as well.

Next, we spoke with Brandon, Nick, and Matt with the band KayaVibe. The band coming from Florida, they were not used to the cold Midwest weather. They were still excited to be at The Waiting Room and play to the fans that came out. The guys have released a couple EPs that you can find on iTunes and just about anywhere else online. The guys were a fun group to interview and drew some funny questions out of our “BSE Box.”

Make sure to check out the links below for our interviews with the bands before the show in Omaha, NE.

BALLYHOO! Interview:

KayaVibe Interview:

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