Jimmy Hooligan here, reporting from the insanity that is SXSW. Myself and my crew Big Mista and Aaron Gum aka Ion RayGun officially landed yesterday morning. (Tuesday, March 12) After picking up our 500 posters, 5000 flyers and five banners, we hopped out the Hoolimobile brushed our teeth in the street, sprayed cologne and immediatly hit the streets with two to three hours of “road sleep”.

The first hour in Austin, we walked into a showcase known as 512 Inde Hip-Hop hosted by Austinite Joey Silva, where we were welcomed as “honered guests” and givin microphones and a place to perform. After rockin the mic, we stopped to watch and check out indie artist Frigid Giant from Buffalo, New York.

Shortly after we hit the streets, checked into the hotel and BOOM! “TOPPAZ WIT CHOPPAZ” was in the building! Strapped with packing tape, staple guns, promo tees, we hit the streets once again.

Got to meet up with Emilio Rojas via NYC, LOEGZ via ATX, caught a set from a dope indie artist by the name of EYEnine popped some brews, gumbo, pizza, burritos, took a three hour nap and now back at it.

We are currently at Kosha Dillz “OY VEY”. In a venue off the beaten path called SpiderHouse. Omaha artist ShiShi Sakari just rolled in as I type this. Surreal the MC, Evil Squad, Big Mike and Ebabbs are scheduled soon.

Now to hit the streets with the team that also includes “Sonny Bonoho” via Seattle, Wash.. We are hoping to hit the Saddle Creek showcase to show the local Omaha support  So much to say so little time.

If in Austin we will be at Eastern, 1511 E 6th St. from 12-10pm… Beat Battles and Artists from all over the country including Houston Rap Legend Big Mike.

ON’E Love!

– Jimmy Hooligan

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