I understand why Mother’s Day falls in Taurus, since Taurus is the sign of Mother Earth, but why does Father’s Day take place in Gemini? It would be much more suitable in Aries, as the father is the head (Aries rules the head) of the family. Perhaps we’re of two minds about fatherhood? Happy Father’s Day, either way! —Michael De Lyon (a wizard has many names or none — never one…)


c GEMINI (5.20-6.19)  Use it before you lose it. One more week in Gemini, and 2 more weeks before your ruler Mercury moves retrograde at 23° Cancer for 3 exasperating, inconclusive, mentally abusive, “misuse-ive,” inconclusive weeks. Nothing you can’t handle and bounce back from, right? More clues next week, when once again, we speak.

d CANCER (6.20-7.21)  Ahhh… Your turn is a week away…and then you’re a year away. Jupiter — the planet of expansion, good times, feasting, frolicking, freedom, ea$y money and fun — $tart$ it$ year-long $ojourn through your $ign of Cancer, $tarting at $un$et on June 25th. Get the me$$age?

e LEO (7.22-8.21)  The Moon’s in your sign ’til lunchtime on Friday, the 14th. After that, let the Virgos clean up the mess made by you and your guests. Look for, and you’ll find/hear, the “divine word” at a party or gathering of your herd of some kind. Keep your ears open and your mind a-hopin’ for some kind of divine input to remind you to remain humble and listen (this time) for success. That’s my guess. Communicate with the best, and excommunicate the rest. What’s your definition of an “egotist”? I’ll tell you mine the same/next time, next week, when once again we speak.

f VIRGO (8.22-9.21)  S-stutter much? There’s 2-2 t-tales t-to t-tell about whether you’re heading for heaven or hell. Your reputation is at stake, and the odds are 50/50 whether they’ll give you a break (your 10th House of Gemini). In one more week we’ll see, won’t we? This be-e the truth, fro-om M-Michael P-P.

g LIBRA (9.22-10.21)  With Venus in Cancer (’til June 27th), food is/will be the answer. But maybe it’s not food that you really seek? Let’s take a psychological peek… Why are we sometimes mean to one another? We’ll consider that text next week, when once again we speak.

h SCORPIO (10.22-11.20)  Every spring you’re outta control! The Sun’s in your theoretical 8th House for one more, looong, extended weeeek. “Outta control…but what a way to go! (You’re) Always dreamin’! Always schemin’! Rippin’ apart at the “seam-en”! Outta control…but whatta way to go… SEX DEMON!” From guess who and what? “Sex Demon,” by MOJOPO. How does the MOJO know? You’ve got one more week (the rest of Gemini) to get your little “porno problem” in hand. I know it’s hard to swallow…

i SAGITTARIUS (11.21-12.20)  One more look at yourself through another’s/a lover’s eyes (Jupiter in Gemini), and then a BIG surprise (Jupiter exalted in Cancer for a year, starting on June 25th). You’re about to get BIG in a familiar way. It’s a good year for gardening and the benefits thereof, but what about the drought in your garden of love? Time to let it rain…

j CAPRICORN (12.21-1.18)  You’ve got ’til July 8th — the Cancerian Cazimi New Moon — to finish your passive meditation on any massive sexual salvation. Hallelujah! That’s when your ruler Saturn moves direct at 4° Scorpio and you can finally (after 4 months) “express” yourself…hopefully, with a partner this time! Your thought for the day: If God had meant us to wear/use condoms, wouldn’t She have had us born in raincoats and galoshes?

k AQUARIUS (1.19-2.17)  Flag Day ushers you into a spiritual meditation, as the Moon enters your ruling planet’s sign of Virgo and you’re left with your reflections on planetary ecology. In this coming age, waste is the only sin; either the waste of an opportunity or the waste of a resource.

l PISCES (2.18-3.19)  Time for you to get your home center together. Enough spaced-out metaphysics for a moment, and back to hard tacks. You’re back in your element next week, when once again we speak.

a ARIES (3.20-4.18)  You’re behind. Mars follows the Sun instead of leading. You’re worried about your job… Maybe the boss doesn’t really need you? Maybe he/she sees right through you, and wonders what you really DO do? You’ve got ’til mid-July to wonder/figure out why. I think by then you’ll find that it’s all in your mind…

b TAURUS (4.19-5.19)  Venus is in Cancer. Those good ol’ country comforts are your answer for these next 2 weeks. Get your pad together by lunchtime on June 27th, and listen for when “the Lion” speaks…

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