The Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska hosted a great rock show on July 24th. Pop Evil headlined with support from Drowning Pool and Gemini Syndrome. Gemini Syndrome is working on their first album release coming up in September and we caught Aaron, lead singer of the band, a couple months ago in Omaha. We interviewed him again to talk more about the band and their show in Lincoln.

Aaron talked about the new album coming out in September and the singles they’ve released leading up to it. The band is very excited about the new album and humbled to hear all the positive reactions to the new fans they’ve been getting on the road. Many fans are saying they haven’t heard of them before but now they have a fan for life.

We talked to Stevie and new lead singer of Drowning Pool, Jasen, before the show to talk about fan reception to Jasen stepping up for the band. Everyone has been real positive towards the new frontman change and so far, the tour has been going great. The band recently released their newest album, “Resilience,” in April this year.

Leigh, lead singer for Pop Evil, also sat down with Backstage Entertainment in an interview. We talked a lot about the new album, “Onyx,” which was released in May of this year. ( We took to our fans on Facebook to give them a chance to ask questions for Leigh. We got questions ranging from the meaning of one of the songs on the album to why Leigh wears arm bands when he performs on stage. He also talked about how excited he was to be on this tour with the other bands and make more people aware of their music.

Make sure to check out the links below to watch the interview with all three bands and see the photos from the interviews and live shots from their performance.

Gemini Syndrome Interview

Drowning Pool Interview

Pop Evil Interview

Photos from the Interviews and Live Shots of the Performances

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