Benson First Fridays: Two Stops You Must Make

Sweatshop Presents: CHILDISH! By Teal Gardner and Petshop Presents: Bart Vargas: Subversion of the Authority Square

Sweatshop: 2727 North 62nd Street

Opening: September 6 at 7  p.m.

Petshop: 2725 North 62nd Street

Opening: September 6 at 7 p.m.

Pick: Gardner will create a live space where he interacts with children and their play. It will go in as a sort of installation. Later on First Friday weekend, Gardner will open a forum to discuss children and how we place them in environments we see as safe and effective for their playtime. Gardner is a fellow at the Union for Contemporary Art, where most of this research is being done through. He really is trying to open the space at Sweatshop for children create and transform everyday objects into enjoyable creations. Meanwhile, Petshop, just next door, will feature Bart Vargas and his work regarding the “Subversion of the Authority Square. ( ” This will be another work that takes on meaning in its installation space. Vargas explores what it means to say “No!” You can’t miss these two galleries up in Benson September 6th.

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