Endi Poskovic

“It Was Just a Dream”

Opening reception: September 13 from 5 to 9 p.m.

Gallery 72

1806 Vinton Street

Endi and Gallery 72 will be displaying his works of over 30 lithographs and lively woodcuts. The graphic design in Poskovic’s work is probably the main selling point, according to the gallery, but surely there’s more. Style, intensity and symbolism are other focuses. In fact, his imagery may conjure themes of displacement and reconciliation when combined with the “illustrated” images. Many phrases are cut straight into his woodwork. The text and art itself join together for one cohesive intent and meaning. Poskovic has displayed art all over the world, so don’t miss him in Omaha. His art is for sale and the exhibition runs until October 12.

—by Paul Heft

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